Rubbish Bins 2

Where does all the rubbish go?

Maybe the Pig Bins really do go to pigs.   That used to be the case, but after outbreaks of swine fever, that has all been stopped.    So who is eating it now ?   Maybe a pop-up restaurant or a quickly moving on roadside cafe.

The garden bins are made into compost and sold back to gardeners.  This is a clever bit of commercial enterprise by the Council.  You might even say it was downright cheek, since they now charge extra for having garden bins in the first place.   You could of course have a compost heap in your garden and save the Council doing all that running around.

The wonderful recycling bin, with its shiny bright blue lid, sucks in everything like a black hole.   In turn it creates hundreds of jobs for sorters.  Paper sorters, cardboard sorters, plastic sorters, bottle sorters,  metal collectors and sorters for all the left overs.   Of course we don’t do that sorting in our country, we send recycled waste to be sorted halfway around the world, so someone else can do the messy job.  The carbon footprint of transporting the rubbish by supertanker to the sorting hubs in the third world, probably contributes more to global warming.  But hey, who cares, it enables the politicians and the local councils to claim that they are doing their bit to save the environment.

Finally, the general waste is reluctantly sent to landfill.  Obviously over time, as we all get much more efficient at eliminating general waste, there may be nothing left to fill all the 10,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire.

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2 Responses to Rubbish Bins 2

  1. what are you doing laddie?? I get the message of a lot of black holes in Lancashire, especially around Blackburn, but please be careful, I am a Lancastrian, born in WATERLOO!!!, maybe you are offering me my ”CUM UPPANCE” I am but a delicate red rose, so do not blow my petals away just yet.
    All I can add is it is all rubbish? We do have various bins of various colour hues, for different waste matter: but before I get too entrenched in waste matter, I am intrigued by your above message/missive sent not to ‘SmilesGrumbles John GrahamOBE, but by notification of my email site, I again was looking at the sponsor advertisement??? I attach my comments below, However I remain ”sphinx ”like with a nod of the head?
    The website selling its wears was ”Daily Gadget” Feb 2019.
    1/- the opening image is of a bird in a sports bra top, and tight fitting lycra jeans- the photograph taken from a provocative angle, after wiping one brow one enters the page of the ‘BLURB?’ variors artefacts 19 in all are for perusal.
    2/-I was mentally trying to at my delicate age of 76 to give them some order of preference, as to why you sir would wish to purchase the goods?
    3/-There are memory sticks for the less mindful of cerebral awareness, various implements to clean ones specs! Dental cleaning aid to add to that early morning smile? Various smell reduction devices for one’s ‘draws and store cupboards’, and a boob sports depressor, should ONE HAVE A ”FLABBY CHEST”, And blow me down with a feather insoles to die for when one is parading around in High Heels, and then after one falls over a neck harness to rest and ease the neck pain from being such a wonderful chap?,
    4/-Its all there, one can be such ”a devil, may care” or a” tyrant” depending upon ones mood???
    Get EM!! Cowboy, you have been on the range for too long? you need civilisation, and a beer or two???

  2. dear john! one of those missives coming your way?? All this talk of rubbish and bins? [not spectacle’s], although that is what you are to me-Just a tubby teddy bear to hug and love? Your clearing out the shed/house and garage, and finding the bins of insufficient capacity to house your TRASH?- memories and treasures which you can no longer house/store?
    Is it that time for a good spring clean with MO in charge, or is it your birthday coming up, and that one more year to add to your existing survival, and you are finding that memory is not what it was, and you may have to simplify your draws into some sort of order, without the need to stick ‘gummy labels” to every storage place of treasures that are kept within.
    What ever the excuse, I feel I must wish you ‘HAPPY Birthday to ease my conscious.

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