Rubbish Bins

Once upon a time we all had one small rubbish bin which was emptied by the Council every week.   No fuss, no guidelines and no worries.   It just happened.

Now that’s all changed.    We are all environmentally friendly and expected to save the world from sinking under the weight of all out waste.     Who could possibly disagree with that ?

So now we have 5 bins !    One for food waste, otherwise known as the “pig bin”, although I doubt if the pigs get to eat any of our left overs.   Two for garden waste, because bonfires in the garden are not good for global warming, nor the nextdoor neighbour’s washing on the line.    Then there is the most virtuous bin, the recycling bin.     This is the one that Councils are most proud of.    So much so, that they display big signs saying what percentage  of waste they have recycled each week.    Finally there is the bin you are now almost ashamed to put out on the street, the general waste bin.    This is only collected every three weeks, though I don’t doubt that someone in the Council is already thinking about extending it to annual collections once the populous have been fully re-educated about the evils of waste.

There is just one niggle in my mind about all this effort we are putting in to sifting and sorting the rubbish in our lives.   What exactly are the Councils doing with all this rubbish?

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1 Response to Rubbish Bins

  1. wonderful, even more wonderful, my image of you sir! John standing at attention at your bins, putting the correct waste into the correct receptacle, which I sure as the vicar would pronounce over a burial ceremony ”ASH to ash-dust to dust” al goes to a landfill site whether it be a cemetery or a corporation tip??
    AS you stand by your bins disposing of these articles of waste, I am as I said in wonderment? Your Blog of today by email/internet had an attached advertisement from ‘Fabfitfun’ and an association of gifts in a gift box> You appear so happy with the ‘Blog’ I thought I would look into the gift box by ‘FABFITFUN’ and I am intrigued, by what it may offer? such items as:-
    1/- flashless skin fluid for those body parts that the beer cannot reach e.g. wrinkles!
    2/- Yoga towel for all that sweat after ones exercises.
    3/- A necklace to declare ones sexuality?
    4/- Pronto Dry shampoo for those golden locks
    5/- Hand cream for the calluses on one fully worked fingers,
    6/- Popchips [crisps in the UK?] to snack upon after ones ablutions and the more private moments one has had with one body?
    7/- I have forgotten one piece of equipment/gift – ”A battery charger”/ Now for this do you wish me to guess which electrically operated piece of kit this is for? The imagination is running riot, and I am on the conveyor belt of thought like the TV Programme the ‘Generation Game”, with a shaver? a vibrator? Or just simply a radio to relax to music of one choice??? the mind set is yours not mine???

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