Freeezzing Rain!

Today we are going to get frreeeeezzinng rain.

Not the sort we’ve ever had before,

But, slipping and sliding rain.

That makes you do the splits,

Or even break your hips, or leg or arm.

That paints the pavements with invisible ice.

and weighs the tree branches down til they break,

and fall on your head.


“Its going to be dangerous out there,”

so says the weatherman’s scare.

Hospitals are on ‘Red Alert ‘.

Ambulances already revving up at the starting line.

Stockpiles of plaster casts, crutches and wheelchairs,

queueing in the expectant corridors.


No need to go out in this,

stay in and watch the tele.

Wait for the news of ambulance queues,

outside in the A & E car park,

Because the corridors are all blocked with medical clutter

And there’s no room for patients.


Years later there will be an enquiry report.

The weather forecast was wrong.

The rain didn’t freeezzee

and nobody sneeezzzed.


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4 Responses to Freeezzing Rain!

  1. Your making me think hard!!! All that grey matter in a whirl!
    I am unsure whether to comment concerning the poetic lyrics, and rhyming lines of each stanza, or just sit back and take in a sharp breath of the sentiments- winter/freezing rain/hospital A&E departments, overworked emergency services and medical staff??? Or should I add the cold response and ignorance of the political system, as they adopt and change the message to one of comfort for the public at large.

    • not forgetting the beauty products in the ad! Do you look good or feel better, with their products smeared all over your body parts, while you try to regain your smile of the ‘sphinx without all those black looks and wrinkles.

  2. iglengel says:

    Loved it and while I can picture it – I must say I am glad to be in Florida. Sorry ’bout that! Quick question John, where do you get your great pictures you insert in your posts. Just love it! I am looking to find sort of an image, if you will, that I can add to my posts to liven them up – something about the old guy just a ‘pondering!’

  3. Banjaxed before I commit such a word! to the bins, I am intrigued, from where did you John come across such a term [Verb]?? I see that august body the ”oxford English dictionary” attribute that / this word to the 1930’s and its origin being in Ireland [Irish]. I just wonder dear sir of your parentage, and are you from the ”BOG” and a Gaelic speaker of many a word? Or are you a true blue blooded Englishman? and a gent too boot!!!
    From my days at sea, with many a ‘Touchter’, their responses to me or should I sayor many of there responses to me personally were in Gaelic and a phrase ‘Poke mine Hone’ comes to mind?
    Language and the English language is full of prose, and the enjoyment of the correct English terms and its many variations in ‘slang’ often makes one smile, and yet again can be offensive and upsetting: However it depends upon the congregation to whom one is speaking in this ‘broad church” of the english language????

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