Our political system is completely BANJAXED by our squabbling political parties.   Following on from my last blog, the LLLP has decided it is best to go it alone and unilaterally declare independence from the European Union and also from what’s left of Once Great Britain.  (This is consistant with our original manifesto which was published May 2017.  You will find it if you click on May 2017 in the archive).

Our deadline for this taking effect is the 1st of April and there will be no payment of exit fees.   This almost certainly means we will be sued by the European Court of Unjustice, but with the help of a few elderly lawyers we can drag the case on till long after we are all gone 🙂

The Last Laugh Looney Island Republic headquarters will be based in the tax haven of the Channel Islands.   So there will be no tax to pay !   Just like Amazon, who incidentally will be our new supplier of everything, since the EU will no doubt immediately impose sanctions on the LLLIR.

There’s a brave new world out there for older people, who will be young again with their hard-earned wealth and freedom in the newly founded Last Laugh Looney Island Republic. Our resolution to do this was fortified by a recent report in The Times which carried the headline —- “One in five pensioners is a millionaire”.

The report was commenting on an Office of National Statistics analysis of average household wealth, based on figures from 2016.  I find it quite hard to believe that we have so many millionaires in our country and that the elderly are so well off.  Of course this is an average figures which means there are many people with multi-million pound houses, mainly in London and the South East of England.  The other problem is that the majority of most peoples’ wealth is locked up in their houses.  The good news is if they move to the LLLP Island Republic, they will be renting their new homes and be able to use all of their accumulated wealth to build themselves a new lifestyle.  The report estimates that the total wealth of people over 65 averaged £1.1m each.  The combined total is £4.7 TRILLION.

This should be enough for a few luxury meals out so that they no longer have to rely on meals-on-wheels.  No doubt many of them will also want to travel and the Island Republic will surely become “cruise central”.

At least for the elderly then, this endless talk of BREXIT will be a thing of the past.

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6 Responses to “EUEXIT”

  1. The ‘’last laugh loonie party’’- the ragamuffin society
    What an enlightened bit of information to put before this knowledgeable voting public of the UK! The sense of the piece, and that quotation from the ‘English Oxford dictionary of slang ’-that most emotive of words : ‘’BANJAXED’’- Wonderful who has eaten their ‘breaky-wheats’ this morning then? I assume our esteemed leader JOHN!
    While I agree with the party aims and objectives, I so move sir we have a society to the right of our movement-named the ‘RAGAMUFFINS’, where thoughts now and again contrary to yours may be discussed, and debated, and then proposed as legitimacy LLLP dogma? The issue of ‘BRITEX’ has until now exercised many a true blooded heart, and challenged the feelings within this nation the UK. I submit to your elections on the 01 April and the tax haven of the Channel Isles [ or as a start the Isle Of man where 3 legs maybe better than two to stand on], while I am supplied by by wholesaler of choice the mighty ‘AMAZON’, who may also appreciate a more relaxed tax regime.
    What the ‘Ragamuffins’ require is an equal society, with some basic rules, and a good moral code based on committed honest toil and hard work rewarded by the wages/income so won, a society that recognises hard work, and has a fair tax system, such that those who may be unfortunate in life not to be able to contribute to a hard days work, but have the resolve to be honest and truthful in applying their skills to helping the UK Nation, to ensure that they are cared for by those more fortunate who have made a lifestyle more luxurious than the average man or woman and their family, and are prepared to be benefactors and to support philanthropic enterprises, that may help the less well off and so make us all dwellers in a society that we can be proud off, to which we all have contributed too in our own lifetime.
    Green eyed and chasing that dollar may make one cash rich: But to whom do we owe that or those opportunities of earning that dollar? Satan or Saint Peter, who is waiting to greet us all, one day?
    Dear John, have you spoken the truth, as I recall those letters to me as a younger man and all at sea, a ‘Dear John’ was the last words I wished to read, but then the next port called and opportunities arose, and I had to think of life again, and what I may wish for? At my delicate age in my ‘dotage’ it has not been bad life, honest work and workmates , friends and neighbours: however apart fro Mrs May the current PM, I find the current bunch of occupants in the ‘Houses Of Parliament’ a lot of jokers, all individuals all baying for my vote, but no common consideration of what a society such as the UK may do? It is mayhem? They all appear frightened of their own shadow! OOOH- AAAH! They have the machinery and contacts within this worldwide of ours, and yet appear unable to put forward a simple ‘for’ and ‘against’ sheet of facts, so we can appreciate what they are trying to tell us all as a nation?
    I say vote for the Last Laugh Loonie Party? Please? Be nice to each other and me, especially as a member of the ‘Ragamuffin group’!

  2. A response to Blog? What is the World coming TOO.30 01 2019
    What’s the world coming to?
    Today is Wednesday 30th. January 2019 time 10.00hours.
    I have been stirred, stung into a response to John;s Blog on ‘What is the world coming to?
    I am somewhat in my mid 70’s retired, reviewing life with my wife Molly, and contemplating how to respond to the said ‘Blog’.
    AS I read each line of the ‘blog’ I am saddened, by what has become of social life in the world and especially my home of birth the UK. I was and am not a particular follower of ‘Dylan’ and his songs, or career and I believed there was an irony in this piece, as ‘DYLAN’ was at the forefront of ‘peace and liberation for all’? Are we the oldies to blame for our children, who now appear ‘stage struck’ and wishing instant adoration and stardom with popularity, without the ethics of ‘Hard Honest work, and compassion for their fellow citizen’ It appears to be all about that ‘’quick Buck’’ and buying allegiance’s, not an honest friendship based upon trust???
    Today I reflect in the Media, and that it appears the current Prime Minister’ is as sound as a Penny? And even that character ‘BORIS has joined in the chorus, what a freckle load of parliamentarians we have, or allegedly we have? They are all looking to their pay-packets, personal interest and anything but a principle and a ‘backbone. They are all not bad, we done have a few principled MPs which I am glad to note. However the media report on one lady MP receiving a prison sentence allegedly, and she believes she is , and her alleged family are beyond the reach of the ‘Law of the land’ even this is a tale too far? And the Crown has its problems? We all answer to a ‘GOD’ of our choosing, and no one life is more precious than the next? WE need a social society of honest and equality and understanding, not privileged and unabated one upman-ship? We all have to be courteous to each other and live side by side, even with our nations neighbours, friends and enemies! It is not easy, and as one grows older as, as has been said may times before, life is like a wheel, and what goes around comes around? WE have all seen it or heard of it before in own own lifetime. A very true and sobering thought? So please take five minutes put on that radio to the light programme and after that early morning radio music show at 07.55 {Jimmy Young or Wogan?} and listen to that ‘’Thought for today’’ and reflect what can I do, or as you respond to your children {grand and great grand} questions, be honest with them and yourself!
    My music star of the day was ‘BUDDY HOLLY, and the CRICKETS’, and now the older tunes of the 20’s and 30’s as I reflect in what Mum and Dad enjoyed- One track is the ‘Ink spots-’ My Prayer’? or is that a group from my 78’s record collection [The artists names escape me ? The Platters!].

  3. subtlely ‘Banjaxed- Anglo-Irish 1930’s -origin unknown- adjective’ its broke and generally the connotation is a kettle, I would say as an Englishman the pot, What is Been alluded to here, the political system within the ‘Houses Of Parliament’??? answers on a postcard please! to the usual address.
    I am in my 70’s and rather slow at the uptake {like a ships funnel= I am full of smoke] and need a good draught to light my fire, and keep me warm and out of mischief??? with a clear vision of ‘what is what’???

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