Internet Sensation !

For all my subscribers who receive my blog post by Email you may have seen that an advert has appeared on my last post claiming to sponsor it.    It is rather surprising because I have never heard of the product.

Still I expect the royalties will start rolling in any minute now 🙂

The advert is for beauty and fitness products, so I can perfectly well understand why they chose me to endorse their goods, rather than David Beckham.     I would not be at all surprised if they don’t ask me to star in the TV ads as well.

This could be the start of a whole new chapter in my later life.   It might go global, or viral.  In no time at all I could be world wide blogging billionaire with millions, no zillions of followers !

Free cars, free hotels, maybe my own TV show on the shopping channels.   I wonder if I should get an agent and a PR man and a personal stylist and a bodyguard or two.

Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself.    I haven’t received any commission just yet.

Oh and I would not recommend you buying any of the products, they might bring you out in SPOTS !


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6 Responses to Internet Sensation !

  1. Alex Robinson says:

    Hi John – I guess this is like all social media sites are going – lots of adverts. In this case I suppose WordPress take a cut for every advert they show and in return, you get a free service. The only problem is that you do not get a say in what adverts appear on your posts.

    • john graham says:

      You may be right Alex, but I live in hope. Who knows what the next advert will be ? I have been looking at walking boots recently, so perhaps a sharp internet shopping spiderbot will spot that and send me a free pair 🙂.
      I am not holding my breath though.

  2. Phantom
    Imagery, what lies before me ’Satan’ do I have the correct picture of your loveliness, my ‘GOD’?
    You are undoubtedly an ‘internet sensation and wizard to boot! However the right image escapes me?
    Am I conversing with a dictionary or Thesaurus, a world of words and definitions, that make up tales of fairies and imagination like ‘Grimm’ or the Danish story teller ‘Hans Christian Anderson’.
    Or am I interacting with a beauty writhed in smiles, like the ‘Sphinx with maybe a few wrinkles, slim, and lithe, and the figure of an ‘adonnis’ that greek god! Of manliness?
    It is about time you unwrapped yourself on this media as to the ‘Image you really are’ Big hearted, affable, and slightly rotund with a receding hair line, spectacles that were designed for a handsome appearance and too die for? Not forgetting all though you may have a receding hair line, that Pink ‘Hilder Ogden’ hair net, to protect your locks from falling out with fright, when you may consult your image with a friendly mirror.
    I look forward to you on TV, or in a commercial endorsing what one can do with an older lifestyle, concerning fitness, dietary needs, looks and mental agility. I just hope your body or soul! Is not covered in tattoos and graffiti like Mr Beckham, that image to the world is a step too far for me personally!
    Enjoy if you receive the offers of free car hire, stays in hotels, royalties, etc. I trust you have a good agent, called ‘’common sense’’ or maybe a even one such as the ‘Chairman of the -Last Laugh Looney Party- here you can tour Europe free of charge discussing ‘BRITEX’, Yeah Ha!! ridem cowboy!!!

    • john graham says:

      I don’t normally moderate my comments, but in the interests of accuracy and not wishing to promote ‘ fake news ‘ I feel I must correct some of your descriptions of my appearance.
      The use of the word “rotund” seems a bit of and exaggeration, I would say “ fine figure of a man” would be a kinder reflection.
      Also you should strike out the references to receeding “hair lines and hair nets”. My hair left years ago ! Bald as a coot maybe more accurate. I don’t suppose I will be asked to do any adverts for Brylcream.

  3. Internet, and the unannounced bombardment of advertisements? It is a minefield, many pages ago John you discussed within these pages, the ‘Gift’ by that Englishman-unnamed who in the very early days patented/registered the ‘INTERNET’ to prosperity and gave [gifted] it to the world free of charge. Great the ideals were/are philosophical, however the commercial search engines of this cyber world now like to play and entice us all to spend monies, while we roam the ‘internet free of charge! and these commercial tactics are not always easy to understand, or plain to see, and while the rules are not bent-these practitioner’s are very cunning in their ways.
    AS aways it is ‘Buyer beware’

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