Dementia in the News again

The summer is a quiet time for news and Brexit seems to be at a standstill.   So  The Daily Mail has polished up some old news and started a campaign about the injustice of people having to sell their homes to pay for dementia care in Residential Homes.

It is old news because the situation has been going on for years.   Granted it is getting worse as Care Home fees increase and to make matters worse Social Services are paying lower fees than private payers.     It made good headlines and a lot of copy for most of last week.

Loads of relatives came forward to tell their stories of how their family home had been sold.   Their inheritance was disappearing before their eyes.     Then the celebrities started to add their names to the campaign, followed swiftly by the politicians all proclaiming that something had to be done.   Even though they had failed to do anything  about the issue for years.

The Daily Mail came up with a 10 point plan, but not one that is based on a very sound analysis of the problem, nor is it likely to work.

I will reflect on what I have written in previous blogs about dementia and especially my comments in the Dilnot  Commission report way back in 2011.     It seems like both the politicians and The Daily Mail have learned very little .

So perhaps I should try once more.  I will collect my thoughts and write a new series of posts over the next few weeks.




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2 Responses to Dementia in the News again

  1. do you Know my immediate thoughts go back to mummy and daddy, and can they Help?? I am sorry to say they are in Heaven!!!
    Before they got there they went through the process of Senile dementia, which I witnessed as an adult, and was quite a sobering time in my married life, thinking what will happen to me when I am Old and Molly grows older, our children will have to address the facts of life, where sometimes the mind can out live the body, but then the body could outlive the mind? What is life all about?
    I just wonder at all these modern politicians, and the circus at Westminster, and ask the questions ;- do they grow old? Or has common sense left them, and we have a group of senile debutantes and Partners, all waiting to go to the midnight Ball? Answers on a postcard please, or send an email to BORIS and Partners!
    ‘God save the queen’ at least her majesty is ‘sane, even at that majestic age she has reached, opening parliament for all those years? I like to offer a ‘penny for her thoughts’., or a Queens Ransom’.

  2. time 17.45 on 24 07 2019, I have watched the procession and the process of” out with the old and in with the new” [prime minister of the UK and NI], what a dance? and words of wisdom? I am unsure if my head is full of ideas, or may bank account is about to denuded of my hard earned in cash and saving?
    Lots of promises, and lots of innuendo to put or increase tax takes to make everything possible to every citizen in the UK & NI.
    Come in talk too me: the Last Laugh Loonie Party!

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