What’s Question 17 ?

Three weeks ago a letter about the 2021 Census dropped through our letter box.   The Census comes around every ten years, but this one is a bit different from how I remember it in the past.   For a start it was telling us to fill it in “on-line” and reminding us that failure to complete it could bring a £1,000 fine or at least a visit from an official, probably dressed in full Covid protective gear.    Further failure to comply might lead to imprisonment.     At worst deportation as an illegal immigrant could be on the cards in a few years time !     This from your friendly CIVIL service.

I imagine that many older people are not on-line, or even if they are, would not be happy or confident enough to fill in such an important form.     It will be interesting to see the response rate and how many people end up getting fined, imprisoned or deported.      Reading carefully further down the letter, there was an option to request a paper copy of the form.     So on behalf of elderly technophobes everywhere, I sent off for one.   Today, the demanding form arrived.

Addressed to the ‘householder’, because they didn’t know my name,  I was just a sixteen digit number at this point.    How are they going to fine me if I don’t send in the form ???

I don’t want to be difficult, or imprisoned, so I set about filling in the form.    It is only 32 pages and about 1600 questions !     The first few were easy, just your name and address, no hair colour, birthmarks, tattoos,  not even your height or weight.    How are they ever going to recognise me ?

I was getting on alright with all the other questions …… until I came to Question 17. It says it was intensionally left blank, so how do you know what to put in ?    Do you leave it blank and risk a fine ?    Or do you fill it in with an answer that you want to tell them about that they haven’t asked ?
For instance under the section on qualifications :-

  •  where do I put all my scout badges ?
  • or my Blue Peter Award ?
  • or my driving test certificate ?
  • and my swimming certificates?

Strange that in these lockdown times there is nothing about COVID.   Perhaps this census is a last ditch effort to prove that the Test, Track and Trace system actually works.   If you admit to having visitors in you house you  could  be landed with yet another hefty fine and be quarantined indefinitely.

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6 Responses to What’s Question 17 ?

  1. Reflections in the mind brought about by the above related posts!!!!

  2. When I am 64 John
    Firstly a step back and a read of each of the =Related- items= just five minutes with, the subject matter, and me and those memories!!!
    John’s tributes to age, and the CENUS FORM Question 17? What is the answer, for instance A Bakers Dozen, I in this age of metrication and 10 decades of a life span like Captain Tom- bless his cotton socks| For instance are we all caught now in an “”AGE”” LITERALLY AND METOPHICA!LY: we have not paid sufficient monies/ savings into pension schemes and old age,
    Question? Are we to become paupers in our dotage? Both as individuals and as a nation?
    Well back to John’s billy do! I note the census has sixteen digits, more than two hand full’s, but our age when we can commit to carnal lust without prosecution, provided it is consensual. It’s all in the name? Now then do we older folk worry about our associations. Awards, prestige as we progress over 70? May be we will have lived a ‘’Life of RILET’’ attained notoriety, and other benefitting qualities: However we may just need our pension book, to justify our upright or bent demeanour, while we hobble around, or go wild in our buggies or scooters-designed for the less able? So Question 17 is it a personal email address or telephone number to those ‘Pearly Gates and St. Peter’ I just wonder?
    The related Items John Lists I have enjoyed the reread and other people’s comments since 2011.Have conditions changed for me and you? I just wonder? The age I was back then I commented upon the conditions of life for the older age as I perceived them, as did Dear John: Now I am here nearer to my 80 years young, my mind is still active my body generally declining slowly: What Have I got to look forward to in 2020/2021 2022 and good riddance to ‘Lockdown ‘ and corvid 19: I hope and trust so, filled with hope and anticipation and lots of ‘Jabs’ both physically from the NHS and of course my mind full of future messages for BODJ and those parliamentarians and ministers speeches in Westminster or on the steps of NO 10 Downing Street. With some messages of good hope! I should adhere too?
    Do we mellow as we age? Alas Corvid-19 has made us all self- isolate read more, do jig saws, do codewords/crosswords, and visit that intellectual item of information the ‘NET/WEB’??? It has not encouraged us to talk/converse and read other people mannerisms or faces in person, and take the ‘mickey out of each other with decorum, but also with a sense of humour!!! But to visit Facebook and Twitter and possibly make rude or false comments without meaning? Alas what ‘’Has become of Us?’’

  3. Q 17 i just wonder where the handcart of government is going with respect to this 2021 census? Job wise educational wise even if one is retired?having given ones dob and they respond with ones age to date?? Alhlelua , eureka?, what a conversation?
    What are the ONS AFTER? Who are we what were we in our time? I thought in my moment of wisdom the census was to find the gaps in nationhood, for instance:
    Are we were all educated, what level of education did the majority of us reach to ensure a safe and prosperous nation?
    What is the bame of the nation, are we still a white northern european origins
    Do we all have somewhere to live, and do we live in ghettos, regions of the UK
    What is the average size of the modern family,
    Are we in the majority all pensioners in the Uk
    I just wonder what is q17 in the census

  4. What is in q17 , do they ask? For instance what is ones favorite tipple?? Again in ones younger days,
    ? I am afraid one sip one visit to the loo!
    Red barrel, ind coope pale ale, tetles bitter, cameron strong arm, vaux bitter, newcastle brown ales , john smiths magnet ales , smiths taddy ales, hammonds united breweraries bitter, or mild, then the scottist brews not mild and bitter, but something else memory has gone but mcquens, and that edinburgh brew under the titles of scottish brewers! Then the shorts, or chasers, lambs rum, gordons gin, somebodies voka, wines to name, and whiskies to savoir, johnny walker, crawfords, glen fiddick, glen morangie and many more.
    I am all at sea travelling my favourite watering holes in my minds eye..

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