Sock it to me !

Socks have featured several times in my blogging years.   (Six times in fact, you can see my earlier posts by clicking on “ Clutter” in the TagCloud)       So I wonder why are socks so often on my mind, not on my feet?

At work I just had black socks which were not difficult to get mixed up.   You could even put a right sock on a left foot or a left sock on a right foot, it didn’t seem to matter.   At weekends it was more complicated, because as well as black socks, I had gardening socks, rugby socks and walking socks …. and a lot of coloured socks.    Choosing which to wear became a five minute early morning challenge.    Still, somehow I coped by always putting my best foot forward and I got through my working years.

Then I came to my retirement years, when  you have more time on your hands …. and feet.    The 5 days a week black socks are now reserved for funerals.   Your feet play a more prominent part in your life.    Socks can set the path for the day.

Socks also become the “old mans” Christmas present.   Who doesn’t need more socks?   They are a most welcome change from wearing the same boring black socks every day,
But now I have a different sartorial challenge.   Do I choose the polar bear socks …. or the snowflake ones.    Or perhaps the spotty ones or the ones with horizontal multi- coloured stripes.    Maybe even the Leicester Tiger logo 100th anniversary ones.    This could add fifteen minutes to my getting dressed time every day !

I could adopt a more radical solution and just take any two socks out of my overflowing sock drawer each day.  That way I would save a lot of time and set a new odd-sock trend.      Of course there is a slight danger the I might be assumed to have dementia and get carried of to to funny farm.

Also, because I have so many, I would not need to wash any socks for probably at least six months !

Once again I can see I am becoming a fashion style icon,   I probably should set up my own YouTube channel.

Since I will never run out of them socks will become part of my LEGacy.

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5 Responses to Sock it to me !

  1. Sock it to me babe? Your still the person i meet all those years ago!! A little more holier than yesterday!!

  2. Sock it to me babe?
    Well i never? I’m now on my way at 0800 in the morning to dreamland, and tales of hoely socks? John has set the piste or is it the run of this downhill course?
    Firstly old age and dryrot? Lets clear the decks! John somewhere within these pages of the most intelligent information, states he- that is John was on a scout camp in France, at the time England, that is the soccer team [ not rugby] won the julies vernie world cup? That is / was 1966, if my maths are correct? I believe JOHN to be a scout then at a summer camp abroad- out of england may/ would have been in his mid-teenage years: yes a young scallywag, making my mathematics to estimate his year of birth around 1950?? [ alas i am an older faggot- Fogie!] fair fat and over 50 born in 1942?
    You may ask what has this to do with the price of fish?? Absolutely nothing? As i said i am in dreamland. So do i put a sock in it? No sir! I just rabbit on. John was a dream birth around the time mr churchill was re- elected to parliament as prime minister, no political pun intended, but both gentlemen worthy of my thoughts; John for his work within the elderly population of Coventry, and later his tireless enthusiasm for the Extracare Charitable Trust, and their concept of care homes/schemes and retirement villages, in middle england.
    Now then COCO is a woofer, and takes John walkies around the warwickshire lanes, and fields? Can JOHN hurl a stick for COCO to catch and retrieve? Maybe not as easily as in the past, however they remain loyal companions, and maybe John is testing one on this blog to retrieve his ideals and thoughts and bounce them back to him, for maybe consideration. However i suspect for that ideal in old age and more importantly in this epidemic of corvid-19, human contact, and the few friendly words? some with tongue in cheek, and saucey, for that memory or smile to oneself in the mirror!
    Do i put a sock in it, no and no apologises either, i enjoy the days John posts a blog, and recalls past blogs. Can you hear me mother?? As the comian Norman Evans would exclaim! In the radio/tv programme over the Garden Wall.
    For me while I type this wantings and tales of diatribe I am listings gently to my radio recorded programmes of the week: Basically music I enjoy, and it brings back memories of Dad at Breakfast time, in my younger days at home?! Dad would listen in the morning to the news and music on the light programme. The radio softly playing in the background. My recorded programmes are all radio 2 Friday night Tony Blackburn- sounds of the 60,s and Sundays afternoon programmes Melodies for You? Most rewarding and dreamlike to me personally.
    I will now close my eyes and say bye bye bye! Andy Is saying Bye Bye [Remember Andy Panday and Teddy, on Children.s afternoon Telly??

  3. Today sunday, i just wonder what you dear reader, have beliefs in? At the present we are being taxed into forming an opinion on our ideals of country, family, and human relationships? Slightly confusing for me personnally as a brit?
    I was brought up with history and ideals, of queen / king, country, and family, and to be truely thankful for our forefathers of the british empire and commonwealth!! After this weekend and all the hurrah henry’s of the media and maybe the summation of civil courts?
    Will i have different beliefs? May Her Majesty her Queen Elizabeth have a long life, which i totally respect, as member of this nation lead by a family matriarch, with noble ideals!!!

  4. Last nights itv broadcast harry megan, was very sobering? Time now to reflex, and realise how isolated the current queen is in this day and age?
    May HM Queen Elizabeth have a joyful last few years of her reign! I wish her all the best and personnally thank her-you mam for doing your duty so dillentgly.. May god bless you.

  5. As i look in the mirror, at this image of ‘ old father time’ my shaven fizzog, and my white hair, distributed in an golliwog of hairstyles and all blanched white, with a touch of a balding middle! There again i look that old at 78. Just like my image/ wonderboy BODJ!
    I am taken back to my very younger days and the days of national service for those aged 18to 28? And the immortal words of the sergeant on the parade ground doing an inspection of new recruits and then bawling to each one in their right ‘ lughole’ ” get a HAIR CUT and let it be a short back and sides, non of this teddy boy hair cuts?? Or such words! as your all ” pussy’s””.
    It all takes me back to dad, and when the visiting hairdresser in Hamburg came to the house herr kiackenmister, at my age or 6 dad would quote for my locks to be cut ” a four penny all off “please|’ and pay in marks, or was it Bafs? British army forces pounds.
    You quote sock it to me? Well thats too days drivel! Enjoy!

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