MP’s Gravy Train !

It only seems like yesterday that our Honourable Members of Parliament were under fire for fiddling their expenses.   In fact it was several years ago and since then the rules have been tightened and an “Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority “ has been set up.   Their latest annual review has just been published and you can clearly see how they have clamped down on MP’s cleaning out their moats; buying designer furnishings for their second homes; staying in luxury hotels;  using endless first class travel and employing most of their family as  secretary’s, office managers or researchers.

Now they are practically living on the breadline with barely a crumb to sustain them in their arduous work on our behalf.     The average cost of our MP’s is a miserly £240,000 a year and this has to cover their salary and expenses.   How on earth do they get bye?    It is difficult to imagine how they hard they must struggle on such a pittance, especially when they have to live in central London and have a second home in their constituency.     Don’t forget the long hours having to sit around all day.

It is only a matter of time before we will see some of them begging on the street out side the Houses of Parliament.

We should probably send them a supply of free Marcus Rashford happy meals as well as a second hand lap top computer.     Indeed it is quite possible that with some creative accounting some may qualify for welfare benefits 😀

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4 Responses to MP’s Gravy Train !

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Eurekia!!! Or such greek god of atonement?
    John little billy do! Today on this blog site is to my mind a riveting read?? With a , or taken with a slice of lime: quiet tarty?? In all senses of the word? [MP’s GRAVEY TRAIN]
    As a ragamuffin of the LLLP, AND fully paid up member, like dear John! On his pedestal. I just am mystified at the sums of money dished up in running this parliament of ours at Westminster, with the combined house of lords, and commons. My education in life is sadly lacking, and as corvid-19 has offered me some free time contemplating my navel, I had a thought?? What about the intelligencia on the web or is it the “nett”? And just wondered if John was on a more erudite page or the same =web=? From whence cometh his info?? It took a little searching, or seeking of the webs pages, and the parliamentary pages, while informative, i found slightly abundent with surplus information!! Of which one had to par take of with a “ pinch of salt”?
    On my way around the erudite pages of the -Speakers’ advisory committee on expenditure in parliament, I was brought up by the ”short and curlies’ by the term – SHORT MONEY– GRAPPLING with its implications? Noting the position of being the governing party, or the, or at least one of the opposition parties, with respect to refundable costs as a member of parliament. Here i become very cynical??
    My cynicism? Where or how does parliament govern? I realise it is by sitting MP,s having a vote, whether it is free? That is totally free of a consideration of personal conscious or along party lines? Now what intrigues me is this dalliance with “Short Money” and my question is? Is each of our electected parliamentarians there for their “ Soul” and their constituents, or for the monies??
    As Wilfred Pickles would say “” Given em! The Money Barney? They are the whipping people, we are but the whipped?
    Up the LLLP -Last Laugh Loonie Party???, and its Ragamuffins!!!

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I just wonder what BODJ and his conservative cohorts do?? They concocked personal messages well written and meaningful, but a wailing of missed and lost opportunities to submit a personal payment to party funds, all be it if they have considered the issue of the day?
    They do not ask for my vote but may monies??? Bah Humbug!!!!

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    The boat is in today?? Does rishy dishy spill the gravy, or split the beans?? What willwe learn fro todays budget speech 3rd march 2021, or do we all go to our own god and pray for spititual guidance??? Ijust wonder.
    Whats the avertisment slogan ? AH! BISTO? For that real beef or is it Chicken Gravy?? Who knows what gravy will float their boat for all of BODJ AND all the other PArlimentarians??

  4. More more please! In all this lockdown and excitement!! do we the english ockes go for a days fishing north of the boarder, and cast our nets or flies into the tweed or dee streams, and register our catch at the Scottish Parliamet [ another cost to the british taxpayer- what do you say??]. Another fishy story of salmon and sturgon??

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