Covid Lens.

After a year of lockdown we have become a nation driven by distant opinion.    We are no longer able to observe things for ourselves.     Our views are formed through the media.    Sometimes it’s the headline grabbing press.    Or the ever hungry 24 hour television news channels.   Or Bodj with his PR managed,  economically truthful sound bites.     Or increasingly, the angry knee jerks of social media.

Over the last twelve months we have all developed a Covid Lens.    A new way of observing things in our locked down age.

Through this lens all issues simplified :-

Everything is black or white.
You’r on one side or the other.
Discussions are arguments.
Listening is not required.
Facts are selective.
Phrases are repeated endlessly.
Experts are everywhere  and nowhere.
Opinions are instantly formed.
Every view is polarised.

Reasoned discussion and debate has gone out of the window.      In this soundbite, lockdown world, you only see through a Covid lens or you just stop listening.

But, who do you believe ?

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3 Responses to Covid Lens.

  1. Enjoyment
    I am enjoying the cartoon as drawn by the younger graham! I just ask very politely who is the unremiting conquer head full of prickly conversation, and one so subjective when passing an opinion, or supposedly talking, is the younger Graham being observant and not passing a sexists remark???
    I for one at this time in lockdown, some 12+ months since the onslaught of corvid-19 am finding, conversation with Molly difficult, the news papers tv and media in general provide no common ground for a purposeful conversation? The only light relief is not no 10′ s door step and BODJ promising the world with his government cohorts, or the rest of the Westminster political crowd!!, BUT the inane NE JORDIE humour of ANT AND DEC on a saturdays night telly??
    Come back the LLLP ALL is forgiven!!
    Time was a good belly lzugh, and a little mischief??? Please?

  2. Bodj last week in the media/ press was as ststed alluding to the UK After BREXIT, THE government parliyamentry party was leading the nation the UK INTO A WORLD TRADE AND General commerce agreement with the Eastern World, east of Suez, which according to the tone also included finances and defence?? No nations were identified: However the EU was slamming the UK for cornering the corvid- 19 vacination products,
    I must admit the UK citizens have been the quinea pigs in this saga!! But please BODJ PLEASE talk and act with your head, we are part of EUROPE and while you may act with our head in this wider world of ours, Europe has the same front door to this world of ours, and it is no time to be making enimes, even if it is for publicity such a sentiment or statement may bring!! Is made!

  3. Yesterday i had a good wholesome laugh with Molly and our family. The occassion was progress?? Molly and i had been reviewing and updating all our family treasures and documentation,? Placing the loved and personal belongs into our individual folders, envelopes and such like pockets of storeage. Again checking our legal documentation was/is in order and in a place of safety.
    All rather sobering, what with emptying cupboards, drawers, in all the house hidey holes, stretching and bending at our age of the late 70’s and tripping over ones dainty feet, and generally feeling whoosey, after completing our mental and physical agility exercises, and then retiring for a cuppa in our armchairs.
    We were there enjoying our rest when out mobile phone’s buzzed full of excitement!!! We open our individual mobile phones on our chat line. video and then watched with much pleasure;: it was our great grandaughter GRACE, WHO HAS just celebrated her first birthday party on the 19th March 2021, [ and just yesterday our grandchildren- GRACE’s parents ] had posted the video of GRACE taking her very first unaccompanied steps, 5 of them, staggering and rolling around, and then landing safely on her bottom.
    Exactly as we felt at this moment in time??? We have had a good giggle, for instance are we ? MOLLY AND I JUST one year old, enteing our second childhood? I just wonder so does Molly???

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