Flower Power !

Long after Coronapop is over there will still be flowers.
My garden provides free therapy every day rain or shine.

 Instead of fearfulness the daffodils are floweringall they are worth bring a smile to the world.
They are called “ Cheerfulness”.

Primroses too bring a happy smile all around the garden in a more modest way.


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4 Responses to Flower Power !

  1. It is wonderful to read the enjoyment of ”SPRING” without the trace of a ‘weed’ or smoke in the mirror?
    This morning I have had excitement jumping out of my ‘BED’ fully expectant of a bright morning. only to find it Overcast, and a hour has passed me by! I had forgotten GMT and BST and the ‘SPRING Forward in the clock’? Never mind I am awake now! I trust?
    Oh to a wonderful new beginning we have so far had most of the spring flowers now comes the buds. roses. gladioli, the horse chestnut trees, not forgetting the Hawthorn-Mayflower , cherry and other blossoming flowering trees shrubs to brighten our days up-It is all to look forward too.
    I am not sure how john will see the coming of summer and the end of the rugby season. Leicester are doing what? Those Tigers? are the roaring or in retreat to the 2nd division. and off course those red shirts of the ‘Welsh’ and the 5 nations cup??? BoyoH! well done!!!
    I just trust the British Public at Large and our leaders In Westminster led by BODJ do see a way forward through this Summer and later the autumn, such that we all do not have to face another ”Lockdown” and sentencing of ”confined to barracks”
    I/We have some birthdays-weddings and get togethers to celebrate in our own families and I trust and hope they come about within the spirit of happiness, and togetherness.

  2. Oh dear? I am at a loss, the leagues that the ruby union clubs play for andthe various challenge cups, are not as simple to a youngster like me to assimulate.
    I made a comment some where with respect to Leicester Tigers? I might as well have been consulting the Kellogs frosty flakes icon tony the tiger! What a load of non sense to me?
    I remember the old club union and the 5 nations, not all this dressed up hurrah henry stuff?? What progress has the sport made?? MONEY AND COMMERCIALISM?, NOT CLUB AND LOCALITY?
    A load of balderdash to me!! Dissapointing???

  3. By the way! What of us old oldies and flour power, baking many a story, about some ” stones and beetles” and then some mystic from the indian sub continent, all this weed and then smoke gets in your eyes by the platters, on a viynal disc what were the 50/60, s hit parades about? MUSIC or creating memories?? And which ones do i enjoy ” everyday” –by my buddy!

  4. It is sirs, and ladies! Good Friday, have a good day! I have missed the 21 st March the spring equinox, equal hours night and day.
    What with corvid, one is so self centred like. A feroria roshia sweetie wrapped up in golden tin foil, and maybe one has forgotten was life is all about? That freedom to roam in mind spirit and body?? So please do enjoy this Easter holiday with new celebrations, and all the family and old friends, and off course that naughty bite of chocolate??

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