Steps and Stairs – Beware !

A step is a step too far for many older people.  Well it can be when it is a step up or a step down.    Stumbles, tumbles and falls are an everyday hazard of later life.

It is not often the drink that does it, it is more likely to be the rug on the floor that you trip over.   Or the flip flop, flip-flops that make you flop.   Or the step without a handy handrail.   Or the bad lighting.   Or just bad eyesight.   Or a shuffling gate.   Or carrying a tray that obscures your view.   Or a wet bathroom floor.    Or a moment of inattention.    A distraction that leads to an accidental path you never intended to take, off to A&E !

The Homes for Later Living Consortium published a report recently that suggested that over a million older people will visit hospital after a fall.   In fact the number is growing and by 2032 it is expected to be 2.5 million at a cost to the NHS of £2billion  a year.

The Centre for Ageing Better found that making small changes can make homes much safer for older people.   Simple aides and adaptations, like grab rails and ramps, can reduce the incidence of falls.    90% of retired people live and want to remain in their own home, so adapting the houses should be the first step to making life safer.

           A handrail is much cheaper than a hip operation !

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5 Responses to Steps and Stairs – Beware !

  1. Steps and stairs, or is it ‘STARES’as one wonders at the human body, after the ravages of time? At 77 it is not the time in life to gallivant about like a young gazelle, the fall, and fate becomes one with a total hip replacement, Those glorious mornings of dreams anew, and waking up refreshed ready to ‘GO’. One must reconsider what opportunities there are in life, in the near future, the ‘relief’ of that ache, and once again attaining the freedom of movement of ones body, and the return to full enjoyment of an active life, all be it though rose coloured spectacles! It is a sin to grow old, but a greater pleasure to exchange good words of love and affection, and realise one is not alone among good friends. One step at a time sometimes up, sometime down, but all ways forwards not backwards. ________________________________

  2. ________________________________

  3. Dear John! you smart old turkey, you cross fertilises your thoughts well, and with some interesting pages?
    Besides your original concern for the elderly? Your revelations are that we may not all be not be all as elderly citezens, be from the same social societal group of the elderly? Here I draw breath, and note when one goes on this website, there are various emotional and standards of living requirements; such as-mobility, abuse, financial swindling, and then physical and mental handicaps, and societal problems- or should I say anti social behaviour.
    Where does one start, who has the opportunity to reform ones attitude and social behaviour/ I respectfully say the problems have always been thus.
    AS ANY ONE STAGE IN ONES LIFE, ONE HAS TO BE honest and truthful, and open, with a large pinch of reality.
    Modern Politics have now alighted on the problem of housing, and the elderly in the UK, and the concept of a retirement village, which reflects the local social area, within one area of the UK, so multiply villages many areas of the UK.
    These retirement villages have been well considered, and offer1/2 bedroom apartments with kitchen and wet room, such that should in the future 2060/75 the investors are the general public will have been repaid, both financially and socially, and then may be further utilised as a village for mixed age groups and families. Floor space is at a premium; However if a respectable average floor area of some 80 metres squared minimum, then these retirement Villages, and accommodate some of the younger mixed age societal group:_ we need the man in the cupboard- the government back room boys and girls to think not only of today but tomorrow.

  4. hello ‘old fruit’, hows your pinepplles growing in the garden? I am on a reconstance tour within in my small world of my apprenticeship on the NE Coast, Geogdie Land and the Wear, where everthing has a reason to exist.
    I have been into the back of my mind, and steam turbines come to the fore! Great stuff? so much detail and trivia? First you have the Parsons Reactionary Turbine design with aerofoil machined blades from High pressure to low pressure\/ some in a ‘ahead Casing’, and then some in an ‘astern casing? Great stuff then you had the impulse turbines, again with aerofoil blade designs. All those curves for the steam to wrap around and display ‘brute power’, and warmth of energy.
    These two basic designs of turbine used axial flow, and many gear scenarios to deliver the driving force to a ships propeller, [Ahead and astern]
    Later in life I worked in Sweden, and came across a LUNGSTROM TURBINE, which was basically for Land power units, and while it had the aerofoil blade design, the steam flow was radial.
    What has this to do with pineaples? I have no idea, it is I sitting and a espousing trivia of a past life.
    While I live in a retirement village, with residents and a congregation like a ships crew, when the lights fail, and the emergency lighting takes over in the village, I miss the hum of the main engine steam plant failing, the sound of the engineers call bell, and ‘all hell let loose? as the steam plant hums quietl comes to a stop, and the emergency diesel genearator screams and wails as it comes inito to action.and surges ‘power’!
    I am awake now, how much for my pineapples in my allotment,’ piece of eight says my feathered friend, it is just a story.

  5. ps another story? what is the colour of your battleship foe sale? This can go on for days? Are you on my wavelength??

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