LLLP Supreme Cart

When it comes to BREXIT everybody is now getting on the bandwagon.   The latest group are the legal eagles, eager to prove they are not above the law, in fact they are the law.    And they all get paid handsomely for stating the obvious.   So the Last Laugh Looney Party has decided to tell them what the obvious is to help clarify things with regard to BREXIT.

First of al Prime Minister Bodj wants to stay in Europe with a deal, or without a deal, or if it has got a “backstop”, then it has to have “no borders”.     While Opposition leader Jeremy Corbblers doesn’t know what he wants, except it is definitely not what Bodj wants.    So there !   And they have all been fighting about it in the playground, called Parliament for the last three years

Meanwhile the Nationalist party’s are all going home with their bats and balls, or is it cabers, leaks and shenanigans.   Oh and the Liberal Demons are collecting up all the defectors in the hope that they can get on tele and look important.   Then don’t forget the Green -there is only one – she is sanctimoniously right about everything and will vote against anything unless it’s a change in the weather.

The actual Brexit party, who started the fight in the first place, don’t have any MP’s, so they can’t play in the playground.

The Supreme Cart  of Judges and QC’s in  wigs and bathrobes justly has to sort this out.   A bit like Gary Linacre and Alan Shearer on Match of the Day.

”Was Bodj within his rights to prorogue Parliament?”   Yes say the Cart they have been doing it for years.

”Should Jeremy Cobblers call for a General Election?”   Yes say the Cart, what a good way to sort things out peacefully.

“Then we can start a new fight in the playground !”   Says the Last Laugh Looney Party.


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1 Response to LLLP Supreme Cart

  1. Quackers
    Well what a wonderful round up of the Political opinion for this weekend 22 sept. It has all neatly been put into a ‘BASKET’[ for the -cases to read] unedited for further consideration, and digestion.
    This, or all this superhuman thought takes me back to the ‘Lord of the Rolls’and the ‘IZAL’ messages- Now please wash your hands.?
    In my moments of saniity I am more thoughtful of my childhood district -Aireborogh in Leeds! WE had things of note:
    Newbolds local fish and chips Canada Road/ Addy’s ladies and gents outfitters/ at White Cross Harry Ramsdens {Silver service for fish and chips under multiple beautiful glass Chandeliers, and a gent tinkering on a piano while one ate/ and in the autumn bilberry picking on Otley Chevin [Suprise View]
    These pleasant memories, and our transport of the day was Ledgards bus service- The Moorfield and the Leeds-Ilkley Service, giving Legards creedance was the West Yorkshire Road Car Company SErvice out of Vicar Lane Leeds, and Bradford Foster Square.
    In my present state of mind I am numb with thoughts, and seek some form of inspiration as to where to place all this current wealth of legal/ political mumbo jumbo, other than as proposed by the ‘Lord of the ROLLs’ down the ‘CRAPPER’?
    In my minds eye I have meandered down to Rawdon LIGHTS, waited to board a Blue Bus {Ledgards- Leeds Ilkley SErvice, sat down, admired my fellow passengers, hailed them farewell and asked ‘Peggy’ the conductor for a green ticket [days before the automatic ticket dispenser machine]. paid the fare and relaxed back into my seat, looked around the bus, seen all the confused faces staring at me, and picked out for comfort 3 men in white coats. I bumble rubbish to my self, we pass Harry Ramsdens, then I push the call bell, My stop Relief Menston Criminal Asylum, I meander in the afternoon sunlight to the main doors, There is a creaking sound, giggles, and a welcoming homely committee of the 3 QUACKS? I am interred for the duration, while my normal mind makes out who is right in all this UK Political shenanigans Boris? His cohorts/Lord Of the Rolls or just plain me, all I wish is to be lead into a debate/discussion of common sense and make an upright decision on a factual basis.
    The LLLP have nominated a Basket Case, now I must go to the bakery to see what concoction I can dream up.
    Most of this yarn has its truth and is routed in the past-Question is ? where are we going today, The places I knew have all gone, like a ‘puff of wind’?

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