LLLP Next Move ?

Bodj has now been deemed to have acted illegally over poroguing Parliament.   All his “friends” are jumping on the bandwagon and instantly calling on Bodj to resign.

The lawyers have had their say and now we all have to pay.   Legal eagles have put our politicians back in the playground to continue squabbling.

The Last Laugh Looney Party needs to come up with some even more daft ideas to move the situation forward.     HERE ARE A FEW THOUGHTS :-

  • We could close the channel tunnel just for fun.    As a symbolic gesture of our independence.
  • We could lock all the MP’s in Parliament until they can agree on something or anything at all and only feed them on baked beans.
  • If they don’t come out with anything sensible,  then we send them back in again.     To eat more baked beans and definitely no jelly.    They can stay there until after October 31st.
  • When they are finally let out, we will no longer be in the European Union 😀
  • Then we can open the channel tunnel again as if nothing happened.

                                          And it didn’t !

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3 Responses to LLLP Next Move ?

  1. Well, gentlemen? what Now, The legal eagles have landed?
    The BBC channel 1TV is at present broadcasting the programme heats of Celebrity Master Chef, and Greg and Norman? are commenting out the next Michelin star chef to appear from the programme. Throwing the ‘celebs’ out on an unsuspecting public, as to the cuisine that they can concoct , Its all in the programme.
    It is a bit like the Westminster Political Village it is self adoration followed by those in the know- here we have Greg and Norman during the last programme the finials choosing all be it carefully their next Michelin Star Chef of the Puddings, and kitchen in general.
    Now that’s a little like the Westminster Village choosing their very own to lead the UK out of oblivion, and chaos.
    Should we not trust our politicians in the Celebrity master chef kitchen, with all that custard, rhubarb, and eggs to scramble and milk to curdle, what a feast to dine on.
    Come in Greg and Norman? your number is up???
    Boris what do I say- enjoy the occassion

  2. Corrections The names ‘Greg’ and ‘John’ I trust I have the correct names now?

  3. THE LLLP secretary good morning! I feel Boris is is doing himself, and the rest of The “Royal mainstream Conservative Party” and the UK a dishonour. > Please since Camerons Days and the referendum you have mishandled the political storms.
    Please tender a sincere apology to the Voting Electorate, say you can not honestly deliver a truely unbais decision as proposed by the EU Referendum, and take the ” brickbats on the chin” and return sheepishly but truly contrite and go on to serve middle England and the UK as a well reasoned, irrudite and cherished main line political Party.
    Replies on a post card please to the usual address LLLP0 The scallywags society/ fraction.

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