Today I woke up with a POPINJAY,

not literally I might add.

But I don’t know where he came from

and that was sad.


Just a forgotten word in my mind,

lost in the mystery of times past.

Floating to the surface

for one last word.

It’s a dandy man.

or it’s a bird

chased by arrows

through the narrows of my mind.

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2 Responses to “POPINJAY”

  1. interesting an old word, from the older world of my upbringing. I usually interpreted this as unexpected and unannounced invasion of ones thoughts?
    The ‘Popinjay’ gave no solutions only an instant thought, that could be derogatory, helpful some times, or completely ribald!!!
    Quote ”putting ones foot in ones mouth???”

    • DEfinitions of a ‘POPINGJAY’ are there I see in the tomes of the english language? Extravagant, and other words of praise to a verbose, and chatter box individual, can be male or female in character, but sincere in their expressed viewpoints.
      I just wonder as I sit here in the early dawn, with my current sleeping habits, and just wonder this ‘RHYME’ by Dearest JOHN, to whom is he addressing his remarks, are they personal? to the point? and self clarification of his own personal behaviour??
      I think at this quiet hour of dawn, John should invite us all to a TETE A TETE, with tiffins and a cup of hot cocoa.
      I am at the table full of expectancy, with my Laptop gradually steaming with Bohnamee?
      CU later on, when your senses are fully aroused.

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