LLLP Circus

A few days ago we had the LLLP Clowns, now we have the complete LLLP Circus complete with ninja turtles 🐢🐢🐢🐢.    Bodj has decided to prorogue Parliament, whatever that means?    I think he ment to say cadjole Parliament, but Bodge is not very good at persuading people, especially his own MP’s.     Or perhaps he ment to parole Parliament, i.e. let them out until they are tried for something.

Either way the MP’s have been sent home for five weeks to cool down.   I don’t suppose we will miss them.    And they can do less harm while they are under house arrest 🤡

In the meantime Bodj will be tripping over to Europe with his LLLP special advisers to  conclude a Brexit deal.  

His red lines are that the European Commission must pay Britain £36 billion to leave, erect borders everywhere and stop freedom of movement from anywhere to anywhere.    Only then will we agree to sell them pork pies and Stilton cheese again,   And they are still not  having any of our fish !

Oh, and if they have another war, don’t expect us to come and help.  So there .

Preparations for a No-Deal Brexit are well advanced and  Coco, the new cabinet minister for dogs has stockpiled a years supply of  Pedigree pet food and enough Bonio biscuits for the next three years.

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4 Responses to LLLP Circus

  1. Life has caught me up since Monday- into hospital broken hip- out Friday with full hip replacement the NHS all staff, all grades, physians, clinicians, nurses, and the general support staff all caring and wonderful. Making very proud to be a voting resident citizen of the UK.
    In reflection as I sit in my sitting room in our retirement village apartment, with my present conditions of mobility to consider I just look at the design detail that was undertaken by JOHN as CEO then back in 2005-7 of this EXtracare Chartitble Village> Small thing important things that one takes for granted until one loses a or the power of bodily mobility.
    A few are All doors throughout the complete can accommodate wheel chairs giving an easy transit from space to space-alarm Pull cords, and pendants with a domiciliary care supporter initially to guide one, Electric on off switches and power points at waist height. A well layout kitchen, and, a universal wet room and toilet, a security system that permits recognised accredited agents , families into the village.
    Theses but the basic considerations, other come to light as we as residents neighbours and friends, live out life in the retirement village. The concept is extremely sincere, and well through out in detail DEAR JOHN and I just wish to Thank you sincerely.
    I have had a week where the media are screaming BORIS? BORIS That, and ‘BREXIT’! time now to switch off the headlights and just drift in the darkness with my own thoughts, and how fortunate one may become in life, by just following a dream.

    • All apartments are on one level, with stairwell fire escapes ,but 2 lifts to the four levels,and no interfloor, one, two or 3 step risers.. All stairwells have substantial grab and handrails,

      • john graham says:

        Sorry to hear about your fall David. Glad the design of the Retirement Village helps make life easier. Perhaps we should leave out the bar next time or just ban old sea dogs from tippling or tipping over 😀
        Wishing you a speedy recovery. CHEERS John !

  2. It was the round of songs such as YO HO HO and a Bottle of rum, singing from a 3 legged bar stool [for the maidens?] and raising a glass for a top up, the ship took on a green roller of a sea, and bingo! damn when my modesty and decorum ????
    Shut the bar?? NO sir just have songs from the Fire and Blood Brigade of Ladies with their tambourines with praises to the LORD.. [Who he maybe on any day but a sunday] is for anybody’s guess: However please decorum Ladies and Gentlemen.
    Please ”all things bright and beautiful”

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