I just knew that Boris Johnson ( henceforth known as Bodj ) has been reading my Last Laugh Looney Party blogs to pickup ideas of how to run the country.    The trouble is that he has not been reading it very carefully and he has got the wrong end of the political stick🤡

In my post on the 11th August I launched the Last Laugh Looney Party Manifesto for the upcoming election.    Bodj pinched the ideas but, turned them upside down.    Instead of cutting costs he is increasing them !   Silly billy.

Whereas the LLLP was going to have a foreign legion of deported criminals and a children’s airforce squadron of drone fighter pilots, all of of whom were doing it for free, Bodj is planning to spend £ billions on more on generals and air chief marshals and administrators and at least two more soldiers with guns.

But, I know he is copying some ideas, like reducing the number of MP’s, except Bodj is doing it by kicking them out of his own party one at a time 🤡

Bodj has got into the LLLP spirit of things by spending £200 million on buses, that must have been why he was making all those cardboard buses.   They won’t be very good in the rain though 🤡

Best of all Bodj is going to use £30 million protecting turtles 🐢🐢🐢🐢 there will be lots of votes in that idea.   Drenched out of his childhood memories, although Bodj has never really grown up, his new Cabinet will include Leonado, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo.

This new Ninja Cabinet will soon sort out Europe  🤡 !

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2 Responses to LLLP CLOWNS

  1. what a read! a lot of innuendo, and information to absorb, for this lowly fully paid up member of the Last Laugh Lonnie Party.
    As now we have a bojo and at some point a ”Boris” what the hell is happening in the political village of WETMINSTER?
    Ninja turtles appear to rule the roost, and we are all diving under the water and living under water, while all above the waves passes us by? The trouble is I cannot hold my breathe for that long time, and I as an ordinary citizen i enjoy the fresh air and a horizon where I can cast my eyes, and take in all that is happening around me.
    For instance do we have the following?,- an election, an extension to Article 50 of the EU, or do we do a get out of the EU Card ‘FREE’, it all started with BRitex!!! and Bojo appears to be making a party of the occasion.
    I need when the political Party season starts, to be able to consider an overall strategy party policy for the Last Laugh Lonnie Party to be put forward for the LLLP members to consider and vote upon, with a little more common sense than BOJO and his Parliamentary party may offer, Without the innuendo of anarchy.

  2. BODJ and wetminister, My blog is full of writers errors! Does this distract from my innuendo of what I wish to say? I think not.
    Iam taken back to Leeds as a youngster with my sisters when MUM and DAD took us to see firstly ‘Chipperfields Circus’ and then in later years ‘Billy Smarts Circus’, all those clowns? CoCo I seem to remember, blonde hair, big red nose and big shoes, Not bad BOdj , your putting your foot into the proverbial orifice? Keep going- I note you have a family of politicians, sister in one party [Libs dem], a brother in or as an Independent, and DAD as a ‘know all on TV at any opportunity’ What does the BODJ family realy believe in? besides themselves and grandiousment, and self adoration??? What about this nation the UK?
    Answers on a postcard please, registered post, to the usual addrees! Registered or recorded delivery so I can count the votes ‘For’ and ‘against’.

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