“A Poem for Early Autumn”

Now is the time of stubble fields,
Grain given up for food.
A brief respite from farming toil,
The ground unploughed before winter.
No more upright be-suited harvest,
Time to reflect on a year of growing.
Memories forgotten of drought and flood,
Only the good weather days to look back on.
Later age is like that too,
New crops to be harvested in the years to come,
Less effort as the ground is fertile with plenty of practice.
The seeds of the future are already sown.
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4 Responses to “A Poem for Early Autumn”

  1. very subtle. Time to rest and reflect, all those joys and sorrows, of a life times living.

  2. Carol H says:

    Hi John I do enjoy reading your blogs even though don’t get much time to comment (work on new kitchen etc) I do like the witty ones (breakfasts, opening packages and DIY healthcare etc) and certainly have found the personal reflective ones interesting -this one and especially the thoughts evoked by your garden in the morning of a while back. I have to say for me they spoke of a representative of human kind appreciating the design and purpose of Creator God. I know some time ago you would certainly not have seen it that way. I just wonder, with more time to reflect and perhaps have greater sensitivity, do you feel that a benign being may provide such good things??? Enjoying God’s sunshine at the moment – best wishes Carol

    • john graham says:

      Thanks for posting Carol and for your kind comments.
      The connundrum of God’s creation is that he/she gives us the garden, the sunshine and the frustations of packaging all at the same time 🙂

  3. sweet page, rss following now and hope to see some similar posts soon.

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