“Grumble Day or Smile Day”

How you feel when you wake up in the morning can often determine your outlook for the rest of the day.  Today I am in London for a meeting, staying in a modest no-frills backstreet hotel.

As usual, in my slow start early morning daze, I stumble and fumble my way through shaving, showering and dressing.  Too early yet to form an impression of the day.

Somehow I navigate my way down the lift and through unsigned corridors to the restaurant for breakfast.  A smile from the waitress, seated and tea-ordered, my new day begins.

     NO SAUCER  😦 my cup on a not-quite formica table.  American style economy without American style bountiful breakfasts, and make-my-day smily service.

My more modest two poached eggs on brown toast arrives,  — with extra toast that will be cold when I get to eat it   😦

Then the background music plays Roxette’s “It must have been love”  🙂   That rescues a smile and evokes memories of great times in the early 1990 days of ExtraCare.  Driving around the Midlands opening shiny new nursing homes and recruiting lots of fresh-faced, eyes wide-open, new-job staff.  Singing to the car stereo as I went.  As the song says, “It must have been love, but it’s over now”.

                                HAPPY MEMORIES   🙂   🙂   🙂

Maybe this hotel is not so bad after all.  Ten flavours of yoghurt, a variety of French croissants, ham and other cold meats, and fresh fruit from all over the world – apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple and strawberries in February 🙂

Now to finish with my cold toast and little jars of jam – raspberry jam, apricot jam, strawberry jam, blueberry jam……….BUT

                NO MARMALADE  😦  😦  😦

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3 Responses to “Grumble Day or Smile Day”

  1. Sid Joynson says:

    It is amazing that we let other people and events decide what type of day we will have, a smiley or grumbley one,
    There are four things we should do to protect ourselves from these influences.

    1 When you wake up in the morning, before you open your eyes, roll over onto your back and feel for the lid. If it is not there, this is going to be a great day. If you dont agree, think what the alternative could have been.

    2 Remember that the aches and pains we get as we mature in life are the fee God charges for allowing us to stay here. I think we should be happy to pay the fee.

    3 Remember it is not what happens to us in life, but our attitude to what happens that will decide wether we have a smiley or grumbley day/life. It is our own choice.

    4 Remember life is like a mirror. It reflects back to you what you send out.
    Grumbles get grumbles back, Smiles get smiles back.

    I always try choose Smiley.


    PS Nothing wrong with an occasional Grumble.

  2. It is now 2015 Mid April, so your sojourns into a major city of hustle and bustle and commerce, now its most proberbly a weekend out with the family, and your trimmings may be a bib, and some assistance to help you chew through a straw your porridge, and youghats, no saucer now required just the whole table top to dribble on and generally mess up: You poor old bugger, your one of the chosen ‘Golden Oldies’ to lead us thorough this world of dementia and alzhmiers. If you can remember my name, and what’s more if I recognise you when we next meet, I may, if I am give authority to spend my pocket money, offer you a swift half of what you fancy

    • john graham says:

      I think you must be getting to be like Sleeping Beauty in your old age, because it was three years ago when I wrote this blog. It seems to have taken you a while to reply but I am grateful for the post and will gladly take you up on that drink when I’m next down your way. That is if you haven’t forgotten me by then :-).

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