“Tidy Japanese Style”

This is one of a series of blogs which describe my trip to Japan in April 2012.  To see further blogs in the series, click on “Japan Odyssey” in the Tag Cloud.

When I leave my hotel room each day I try to leave it tidy, but my idea of tidy falls a long way short of tidy by most people’s standards.  Certainly my wife tells me frequently enough.  That said by Japanese hotel standards I am not even close.  They do all the things that any hotel housekeeper does – replace the used towels, clean around everywhere, make the bed and put clothes back into wardrobes and draws.  Nothing unusual about any of that.

However, there are noticeable differences that go beyond that in Japan.  Immediately you walk back into your room the curtains haven’t just been drawn back, the lace shear has been evenly pleated so precisely that you assume it must have been done with a ruled template.  Similarly, in the bathroom, they haven’t just replaced all the soaps and lotions you have used, but a new variety of bath salt – “herbal” has replaced yesterday’s “citrus” – to bring you health and happiness.

Towels have been refolded and placed long on the high rail and short on the low rail.  Used dressing gown, not just hung up but expertly folded and tied with the belt as it was when we first arrived.

Tissues are all triangle tidy, as are the toilet rolls.

Even my toothbrush, toothpaste and razor have been repositioned with all the other items to match the alignment of the sink basin.

It makes you want to keep the room tidy yourself.



It does not stop there  —-  all hotel corridors are spotless and clutter-free  — except for the occasional decorative item.  Here are some examples :-

This last one is something really special 🙂

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1 Response to “Tidy Japanese Style”

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Your Trip appears as if you have had the experience of a life time: And that of Goody Two shoes?Not a thing out of place or a hair uncoombed. I wonder if this is the image I expect next time we pass each other, as we go about our business. The sojourn to London is down to earth with a bump, but the humour still abounds. I trust the all round trip has given you enthusiasum to follow your dreams and help make the world a more aminable place: especially for those of the older generation. Best wishes, for a safe return to this rough and tumble of every day life!

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