“Google Gout” 3

This blog is a continuation of the story of my search for a remedy for my poorly foot.  (For previous posts on this subject click on “POORLY FEET” in the TAG CLOUD).

Hi Tracey

I’m glad to hear that Vanessa is ok and I do hope that Kelly is not off ill.  If she is, please send her a copy of the attachment to this e-mail which should cheer her up.  One of the problems with call centre customer care is that from the customer’s point of view, you rarely deal with the same person twice.  Nonetheless, it is very nice to communicate with you all.

I hope none of you are too unsettled by the recent news that Walgreens are planning to take over Boots.  They are a very good chemist and I regularly visit them whenever I’m in America and one thing I can say is that their aisles are a lot wider than those in your Boots shop.

In my continued search for a product to sort out my poorly foot, I decided to search the Walgreens website to see if they had any better range of products that might help me.   Following the information you sent me from the Boots website, I have all but ruled out the possibility that I may have gout but I thought I would just search the Walgreens website.  Only to be told that there are no products for gout “and did I mean goat”.  Walgreens indeed have a lot of goat related products ————- Super Goat Weed; Horny Goat Weed; Goat’s Milk Soap; Goat’s Milk Body Butter etc. etc.————there are 38 products in all.  Unfortunately I don’t think any of these are good for gout.

Meanwhile, I’m still persisting with the cardboard box on my poorly foot.

One question remains in my mind which is where did my reference number come from?  Surely you haven’t had nearly 10,000,000 enquiries?  If you have, you must be doing a very challenging job.

Thinking of all three of you at this troublesome time.

Kind regards, John Graham                         My Reference Number is 9999799

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2 Responses to “Google Gout” 3

  1. You old goat? Codger to boot no doubt! What are you inflicting on the silent americian smoochers of your web site? Is it LOOVE at your age? Or do you still ask the young girl at the counter for those ‘blue pills’ and some protectives- Rubber gloves no doubt at fifty paces while you cough up your breakie wheat all over your admirers. Answers on a post card- The royal Mail are doing a roaring trade from your missives, and some very foolish responses by me XX to all.

  2. gout in says:

    protected gouty arthritis medication route surely works for the people, there are some health and fitness concerns which do accompany using drug treatments to handle what causes gout pain and the pains and aches this disorder brings by using it. Common Gout Medication- Benefits by far the most commonly used medication pertaining to gout treatment really is a group of drugs identified as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) which assistance to reduce the build up inside the uric acid crystals inside joints which can be the causes of gout arthristis pain and discomfort. commonly prescription NSAIDs utilised when gout medicine are Indomethacin, Napoxen plus Nuprin. Aspirin is not only a suggested gout medication because it may actually make items worse through adversely affecting the store’s uric acid levels in the blood stream.

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