End to Junk Mail

I have written a lot about the postal service, because I think it remains an essential lifeline for many older people and means an occaisional visit from a friendly face.  ( To  read my earlier blogs click on “Grumblesmiles Post” in the TAG CLOUD)   However, one of my consistent complaints has been the deluge of junk mail we all receive.

Now it appears an inventive postie in Birmingham has found an eco-friendly solution to the problem.   He buried more than 20,000 letters which he claimed were junk mail in his back garden.    Sadly his short-sighted bosses didn’t see it as a great service improvement. The creative free-spirited postman was prosecuted and given an 8 month jail sentence.

Many of his customers may well have voted him  :-

   Postman of the Year

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5 Responses to End to Junk Mail

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I even look hopefully amongst the ‘junk’ mail for that elusive letter from ‘ERNIE’, even a friend sending me £25, is welcome.

  2. U Wag? at least u care and sent me a missive? Thank you, this was not junk mail.

  3. An up todate moan 2015 September.
    John thoughts for the day. I propose a conundrum, and a moan of sorts based on a recent BBC2 TV programme shown on Monday night 7th. September 2015, and the subject of the WWII Bletchley Code Breakers and especially the subject of this programme Gordon Welchman.
    The theme and thrust of this programme was the ability of Gordon Welchman to logically look and categorise communications from multi-centres of transmission, based both on Germanic military command of WWII, and post war of the worldwide communications generated by the computer era of business, military and social networks, and the Military world of Snowden the unsung ’hero?’ of intelligence data, that he is alleged to have revealed or shared with unfriendly governments of the non-western world.
    The programme did not answer many questions but raised many interesting points of the intelligence world dealing with the defence and protection of the realm, whether it is a socialist, a free state, or a dictatorship.
    I now come to my moan of sorts, with a loose acknowledgement to the theme of the said above BBC2TV programme. When using the now updated www one is connected and interconnected, all be it with a password to ’Google’, Facebook, Twitter ect. Skype, and other media sights with cookies that wish to register the sites most frequently visited by the user. When one signs on to the www sites and ‘Google’ especially, with one password which has now become a requirement, not a request, the www site provider has access all be it with agreement, to my personal web sites as a user. Here one has to challenge the independence of the financial industry service web providers, and their independence from the, greater big brother institutions, and governments of all nations and hackers of the web.
    My comment individual sites may be allegedly ‘SAFE’, but the elephant in the room is the individualist collective nature in which the modern WWW sites require us all to register our use under a single web site sign on signature.

    • To continue, my replies unless to a newspaper editor for publication: even then they are personal messages, to the receiver, and have a personal view point only to express, to persons to whom I am addressing.
      One may say this blog site is web based, so be it but in general by the older generation, of whom I am but one, and I seek if I do considered views of this older generation. I am not seeking to sensationalise, or hide under an ‘ANCRONYM’, The internet web and associted media chatter channels, maybe is a stand for those who may wish to spout express opinions and heresay without cause, or responsibility for their own personal opinions, or the heresay of others, it is a mine field, accusations and endless enuendo’s. Please come back that one to one exchange of conversations, of the old park bench on a summers afternoon, a cup of tea at hand and a few or maybe just one good companion or friend to excahange the time of day with: Hence my love of the Royal Mail and that friendly knock on the door or the rattle of the letter box flap by ‘POSTIE’. DReam on Mc DUFF.

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