“Hooked on Pills”

Most children seem to instinctively have an aversion to pills.   That’s why “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”.

However, by the time we get to our later life years, the number of pills we take can become a badge of honour, or at least a recognition that someone still cares about us.

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The pill industry is thriving, even in the midst of a recession.   Doctors, urged on by their patients, shovel pills down us like there is no tomorrow.   Chemists are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with shelves and shelves of pills and potions.

BUT    is this a step on a Health Ladder ?   or a slide down a slippery snake ?

Concerns are now being expressed, not before time, that patients are becoming addicted to pills.

  • 62 million prescriptions are issued for painkillers every year
  • 50 million are given out for sleeping tablets
  • 18 million tranquilizers are prescribed annually

Ladderhealth - hooked on pills

A study at Harvard University found that pensioners who had regularly taken pills for insomnia and anxiety were 50% more likely to develop dementia.

The new guidelines being given to GPs urge them to consider alternatives to drugs, such as counselling and physiotherapy.   This is pretty hollow advice if counselling and physiotherapy services for the elderly are almost non-existent in the NHS.

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4 Responses to “Hooked on Pills”

  1. Strange, very strange Pills and Potions and old age treatments. Just taking anicdotial evidence there appears to be a pill for every thing, with side effects for every ailment and condition that some of one’s pills are protecting one against? Or even more cynical the NICE and doctors prescribe the cheaper (Cheaper By the Dozen) version of medication and hence not a change in perscription, but a new host of side effects? Is this an advantage of old age or a version of riding the snake or devil? We are mere pawns in a drug industry get rich scheme!!! I do not know the correct answer or how to stop being so cynical???

  2. nenke says:

    Sometimes simple dietary amendments can do wonders. Shame our GPs are not really recommending this solution…

  3. Gordon L Harris says:

    Pills. It make you think
    A row of bottle on my shelf
    cause me to analyse myself.
    One yellow pill I have to pop
    for my heart not to stop.

    A little white one that I take
    so that my hands don’t shake.
    The blue ones that I use a lot
    tells me I’m happy when I’m not.

    The purple one go’s to me brain
    and tells me that I have no pain.
    There’s capsules that tell me not to wheeze,
    or cough, or choke, or even sneeze .

    The red ones, the smallest of them all
    them is so me blood wont fail.
    The orange ones, very big and bright
    prevent my leg cramps at night.

    Such an array of brilliant pills
    helping to cure all kinds of ills.
    But what I’d really like to know
    is what tells each one where to go?

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