“Retirement Aspirations”

After a recent survey of 623 retired people, a spokesman for the Skipton Building Society, with more Yorkshire grit than silky P.R. talk,  said  “years ago the general perception was that once you had given up work and entered retirement, you had pretty much had it”.

The good news is that the survey feedback was much more positive     ————–    here are some of the findings about people in retirement:-

  • 50% exercise more than in their twenties; hiking, swimming, cycling;
  • 50% are doing things they didn’t have time for in the past;
  • 29% travelled more, taking on average three holidays a year;
  • 76% stay as active as possible;
  • 40% are “reliving their youth” with former hobbies;
  • 10% had gone back to school to evening classes or higher education;
  • 11% planned to learn a foreign language;

Ladderman9 copy

On average retired people had four very close friends and spend two days and one evening socialising over dinner, in the pub or at coffee mornings.

80% of people are treating retirement as a new beginning.


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5 Responses to “Retirement Aspirations”

  1. Why 623 peoples, is it a cardinal number to state that the survey is legitimate? I note the cartoon is of a couple talking around a ‘Ladder’ I assume this is your ‘Ladder of Life’, which you chatted on about a few ‘Bloggs’ Ago?
    Well I percieve you or at least the survey maybe correct, with the collection of zimmer frames and wheelchairs and of course the odd mobility scooter at the front door, when we all retired folk congregate to Jaw Jaw and rabbit on about the ‘Old Days’? Please do not knock it? we need our fellow neighbour to ensure that we at least are shaming the devil, and prepared to look at life full in the face.
    By the way you have rattled my cage and my tin of marbles! Somewhere along the way you have made comment to wealth and financial advisors or at least bankers and monied people? Here I go back to my youth as on a monday morning at school as a 7/9 year old, after register the teacher would ask if anyone had their penny and bank book? The penny would be collected and the bank book signed ( For the penny or two? by the then teacher. The bank in question was the ‘Yorkshire Penny Bank’ Now the Yorkshire Bank. I was not aware of the Skipton Building Society until later in life when one was attempting to buy or be advised on a mortgage. I still miss the ethos and the memory of the Yorkshire Penny Bank, and wonder if in this day and age, any financial society estalishment still deals in pennies for banking.
    In the days of the 50’s we still had farthings as legal tender, so I suppose a ‘then Penny ‘ was 4 x the value of the least valued coin, so that one might say is the 10p coin or equivalent to the ‘OLD SHILLING’ a nice bright thought, and still of value to me as an old codger counting my Pension, so should the bank be called the ‘shilling bank’ in todays terms!!!.
    By gad sir that was a good old ramble down memory lane..

    • john graham says:

      Good advice in this comment. Was it your grandmother who used to say “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” or was it “Penny wise, pound foolish” ?

      Pity the Bankers did not learn that lesson !

  2. Jon Cleaver says:

    I have to agree active involvement is crucial to mind, body and soul. After 21 years full time volunteering I am looking to the next 20 now. In order to achieve my ambition I have returned to the gym, shop at Waitrose….’Don’t really know what that has got to do with anything….Oh yes I just recalled I buy my oily wild salmon from there and I read books….haven’t got a kindle much prefer to hold the book in my hand, smell it particularly old books and write for Extralife, Rugby Advertiser and Coventry Telegraph. What else could I do?

  3. All Grand parents and parents were full of the adages relating to money, and like life I was instructed to be happy with my lot help others while you help your self (Not to their savings), Life’s riches, and personal relationships. ‘Dickens’s’ Mr MacCawber was often quoted. Spend within your means.

  4. emmawts says:

    Hi John,
    We really like your blog, and I hope you don’t mind me contacting you directly but we have an exciting project that we would love you to be part of. We have identified you as being a potentially influential part of this project and it would be great if you could email hello@wetalksocial.co.uk so we can send you across some more info?
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,

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