CAFE Survey — PETS

This is continued feedback on the CAFE group Introduction survey.   (see previous posts by clicking on ” CAFE Project ” in the Tag Cloud )


Just less than 20% of the group have pets which is rather a surprise to me.   I expected it to be quite a bit higher.    I wonder how this compares to pet ownership in the general population ?

Pets can provide good company in later life and for dogs especially – a reason to get out and to exercise as well as an opportunity to meet people.    At the same time they can be an expense in terms of vets bills and also pet food is not cheap.


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3 Responses to CAFE Survey — PETS

  1. Great, my deer, can you be or are you my pet, or lap dog? there are less than 20% of us who appreciate pets. I like pussy cats, soft purry objects, with sharp claws, but on most occasions kept sheathed.
    Are you expensive to keep my deer? this I can only guess at plenty of space to Rut at in the autumn, and sufficient green fields and sunshine to dream away those lazy crazy days of summer.

  2. Christine Broughan says:

    How many people in the UK own a pet? About 1 in 2. So our group is very different to the average population. I’d suggest it’s because they are so busy (remember how many clubs etc they belong to – and we didn’t ask how many holidays they go on each year) they don’t have time to have a pet! Happy to loan out my chickens…

  3. Your survey group results with respect to pets and the keeping of them is, I believe a healthy attitude, and a very thought provoking one you have! My underlying definition would be that the majority of your group were married or living with a partner/friend and had company and did not suffer from loniless in a large house or dwelling, in a commuter belt housing estate were all the adult poulation were out working between 07.00 and 18.30: The people you surveyed had not or did not feel the effects of loneliness or isolation from society, or more importantly, bereavement.
    While your chickens come home to roost, one has time to refleclt, and consider ‘What If’ syndromme?
    People at , or over 55 and below 70 will consider the future:However the clever farmer or shepherd has to guiide his flock in to a little thought process, and address the issue, of not LOneliness in old age, but community living, and the advantages of how to be neighbourly to ones friends, and family, if one of the couple/partnership persons passes on.
    Maybe I am missing a trick here and the up and coming generation have lived in an bubble of a single life from the effects of devorce or choice? I do not know, but I do think positively about loneliness, and discuss it with my wife and the question of ‘what if’/ and we are both of the same mind, and belive the friends , acquantaces we make in in our twilight years(Since 60) will hold us steadfast, when we have in reality have to face bereavement, of either one of us. Here a Retirement village concept, with the availabilty of care to be provided is we believe a common sense/economic and personally a welfare/cultural way of spending ones days in retirement. What one puts in maybe one gets out, and sure is fun and very satisfying trying!!! Come and join us!

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