“Eat More Fruit & Veg 3”

This is a continuation of the fruit and veg theme (click on the “EMFV” in the TAG CLOUD for the other posts).

The next delicacy on my healthy eating menu must be tomatoes.

Bright red, juicy, plentiful tomatoes, available in the supermarkets all year round.   Of course the winter ones are grown in Israel or Morocco or somewhere, so there will be a little damage to your carbon footprint, but maybe its OK to overlook climate change in the interests of your health.    The other minor problem is the winter tomatoes don’t taste like tomatoes, but they are probably still full of nutrients.

Summer tomatoes are easy to grow in your own garden in pots or in the ground, although they need quite a lot of attention, especially watering every day.     Still, the exercise will all add to your healthy living regime.   It is not necessary to talk to them unless you are  Prince Charles.

Watch out for slugs, snails and caterpillars, they can be added to your salad if you want some variety and fancy a “bush tucker trial”.


Tomatoes are ideal for sandwiches with lashings of salad cream, except in the interests of healthy living you should maybe leave out the bread and the salad cream.   Just one tomato counts as one of your seven.    They are rich in lycopene, and you can never get enough lycopene, it is a nutrient that protects against cancer.    They also contain 40% of your daily requirement of vitamin C, so if you suck a lemon at the same time, that should do the job.

Finally, tomatoes do not last for long, so before they go too soft, make another of your seven by juicing them in a blender adding tabasco, Worcester sauce and a large vodka.

Bloody Mary’s are not on the Government healthy eating list, but who cares  🙂

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2 Responses to “Eat More Fruit & Veg 3”

  1. Is It a Tamato or a Tomato, which is it as Fred Estair danced around the floor with Ginger Rogers? I wonder. With the tomato in mind I now thanks to you are whisked away to sunny climbs in winter to Israel, or morocco, or in the summer to my back garden where my green fingers do the walking, over my lap top to Tesco’s waitrose or Morrisons and Asda, just at the towns boundries, on some vast trading estate? However all is not lost, I do while in my garden and deck chair dream of spain and the canaries and Maderia where in my original thoughts I believed some of these tomato’s where caught in the sunlight and carered for and transpoerted back to the UK, to brighten up my shopping for groceries on a dull/rainy/thundery day in a typical British Summer.
    At least a tomato can brighten up my day rather than this on rush of blood watching or listening to the World Cup/ Rugby In NZ/Wimbledon-Tennis and not forgetting the excitement to come the cricket and The Empire or Commonweath Games, and off course the F1 racing. I have plenty of targets for my exasperation all I need now is plenty of Tomato’s to hurl metophically at the events while I rest my shattered mind and body from all this 24 Broadcasting of sport on or in the media.

  2. “EMFV” Just thinking of a new acromny for this subject? How about! EMPTY MINDS FLIT VACANTLY’: will that do o’ might one, my tin god? or our bag of wind?

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