“The Bottom of the Slippery Slope”

This is a speech no-one made in the debate on assisted dying on Friday 18th July 2014 in the House of Lords.  (See earlier posts on this subject by clicking on “ASSISTED SUICIDE” in the TAG CLOUD).

I welcome this Bill with open arms.  It has the potential to lift a great burden on society and pave the way for further advances in NHS no-care of the elderly.

Immediately after the Bill is first approved, by being economical with the facts and focussing on the emotional and genuine cases of distress in terminal illness, we can take the moral high ground.

Initially only a few high profile cases, which are unquestionably sincere, will avail themselves of the new law.   This will affirm the righteousness of the argument and make it easier in the years ahead to widen the scope of the Bill and enable this innovative new social policy to be available to even more older people.    If we believe in the pain and suffering of the terminally ill, why not then go on to accept that Alzheimer’s could be redefined as a terminal illness.   This would eradicate the prolonged suffering of all those in the lost world of dementia.   Hundreds and thousands of dementia sufferers could be helped to an easier death.   Consent could easily be given by their long suffering relatives.

Equally, many of the chronically sick older people who block so many beds in NHS hospitals, overwhelm GP surgeries, drain Social Services of all their resources for preventative services could all be assisted to die sooner.

Instead of the current hugely expensive Welfare State, we could, at least for the elderly, make a new policy of National Assistance  —— a sort of National Neglect State.

At the simple stroke of an amending legislator’s pen in the years ahead as the growing burden of the elderly becomes unbearable to society as a whole – we at last may have  a Final Solution.  The bottom of the slippery slope of assisted dying has a lot to recommend it:-

  • GP’s surgeries will have a lot more free time – rapid appointments for all who are left;
  • Social Services won’t have to rush around giving no-care to people in the community, and then being criticised for all their hard work;
  • Hospitals will have beds to spare and the looming £30 billion extra needed to care for the growing elderly population, will no longer be required.
  • Relatives will be released from the unwanted duty of looking after mum and dad in their dotage;

And perhaps best of all:-

  • Billions of pounds will be released to the younger generation in legacies.  
  • Millions of houses released onto the market, will solve the current housing shortage.

What’s not to like in this new forward thinking 21st century society ????????”

I commend this speech to the House!

An unspoken speech by The Grim Reaper

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