“Unwelcome Breakfast Research”

I have always believed the adage that “breakfast sets you up for the rest of the day”.  I can never resist the “full English”, finished off with toast and Frank Cooper’s original marmalade – thick cut!  (See my earlier blogs on this subject by clicking on “Breakfast” in the TAG CLOUD”).

Of course it is only an occasional treat, usually when on holiday or staying in a hotel on business.  The rest of the time, breakfast is Muesli and Yoghurt or 2 minute porridge oats.  Still, either way you are off to a good start.



  • Breakfast like a King;
  • Lunch like a Prince;
  • Dine like a Pauper

Well now some myth busting, party poopping, thin-as-a-rake researchers at the University of Bath, have suggested that those who don’t eat breakfast, consume less calories over the whole day.   They say that eating breakfast has little impact on snacking or portion sizes later in the day.

This is not what I want to hear.  I would be grumpy all day without at least some breakfast.  I think rather than busting myths and spreading misery, they would be better off spreading:

marmalade copy

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4 Responses to “Unwelcome Breakfast Research”

  1. Well I never I see you in your wisdom have revived some old grumbles, I wonder if it is your mind or those aging ‘bowels’ of yours? While you may eat your breakfast or contemplate on the ‘potty’ are you joining the older set without the realisation of the onset of dememsia?
    It is good to grumble it is free, one just needs the readers or the ears of some beholder to offer one compassion while you stutter over the loo paper or your slice of toast with Keillers sliced thick cut dundee marmalade.
    I am not quite sure how to respond, in my early days and at sea while I enjoyed my cerals, and mabe the odd helping of bacon egg and off course those baked beans (Keeps ones fating at regular intervals without touching cloth? a nice warm feeling on the cold days-Which are too come off course as we are now into OCTober?), i would make a bee line for the ‘ROSES Lime Marmalade- A cut above that common thick cut marmalade! Is that what you might say? Dear Chap.
    However after all those breakfasts and rounds of toast with ‘Rose Lime Cut Marmalade ‘ I am not yet green, or marsian looking just yet?
    By the way are you off the pot and doing something useful, of have you filled the pot, and now have an empty mind with which to drift with you friends into the alzihiemiers of senial demention society territory? Remember you put this blogg on before breakfast and I have responded at ‘sparrow’s fart, but my thoughts are not yet in order, as I bite into my toast with that sharp tang and sweetness of ‘Roses’ Lime Marmalade. By the way Top of the morning too you? Have the luck off the Irish, and a good day!

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