“Dementia – Bad and Good News”

Some interesting research published in The Oxford Post Graduate Medical Journal about the risk of getting dementia.

The bad news is that people who are obese in middle age are 50% more likely to develop dementia in later life.  It is a pity no one told me that when I was 30!  There again, at that age I barely knew what dementia was and I doubt I would have stopped eating all those pies or having the odd pint or two or three.

The good news in this study is that people in their 70’s were no more likely to develop dementia.  So in a few years’ time I can eat all the pies I like.  Furthermore, the over 80’s are 20% less likely to develop the disease, so that’s why the pub car parks are full of mobility scooters at lunch time 🙂

(For other more serious posts on this subject, click on Dementia in the Topics list).

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1 Response to “Dementia – Bad and Good News”

  1. Jon Cleaver says:

    And…And…Yes I’ve got say it…the good old bottle of… ***COD LIVER OIL***

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