Old Geek with MP3 Player

It was just over a year ago that I was contemplating getting an MP3 player and I certainly would have got one except I didn’t know what one was 🙂    (See my earlier blog by clicking on “Old Geek ” 3 in the tag cloud)

Luckily for me Santa Claus spends a lot of time in the clouds at this time of year and must have been reading my blog.   So in my 2014 Christmas stocking I found a little black plastic thingy which my son Tom told me was an MP3 player.   He had kindly uploaded 34 CD’s on to it  — about 1500 tracks !

Now all I have to do is get into “Sky Ferreira”,  “Smog”, “Wannadies “, “Warpaint”, “Screaming Trees”,”Mazzy Star”, “Meat Puppets” and “Half  man half biscuit”.   Obviously Tom doesn’t listen to Frank Sinatra or even the Rolling Stones.

Techblog music

Still it will be good for my musical education and a whole lot easier than dragging that record player around.   A pity that I forgot to ask Santa for a baseball hat, dark glasses and some Converse trainers !

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2 Responses to Old Geek with MP3 Player

  1. Oh dear the younger generation> My thoughts of your predicament were ‘Many an good tune played on an ‘old fiddle’ and my thoughts went to the classic horse operas, of Hopp a log, Roy rodgers and Tex Ritter, with an oncore by Tonto and the lone ranger, or the other western charcater Dale Roberston in Wells Fargo!!!
    Forget all this MP 3 stuff, and radio 1, I like radio 2 and listern to the band or and the organists entertains.
    By the way do you shame the devil and sing in the bath to the accompanyment of your MP3 player- Tom may like all those old nursery rhymes, like ‘sing a song of sixpence, and the many more you can or wish to remember.
    Happy New Year it is 01 01 2015 at 07;00, while I stoke the keyboard of this computer so gently, to my minds songs of Jim Reeves, reminding me of alls best out west and the us calvalry dashing accross the praire in pursuite of Jerronimo, and the shiane or was it the apaches, that group on your MP3 Player?

  2. Alex Robinson says:

    Good to hear you are getting to grips with a very useful piece of technology – 1500 tracks in something the size of a matchbox is fantastic. Now I look forward to you telling us about your attempts to download new tracks to it – because I am sure you will not wish to be a burden on your son by expecting him to do it!

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