LLLP Ciderman Manifesto

BREXIT obviously isn’t going to happen very quickly, so the Last Laugh Looney Party is gearing up for the European Parliamentary Elections by preparing its Manifesto.     The LLLP must admit they are scraping the barrel trying to find candidates to stand in the European Elections.    Fortunately, they have found somebody who is almost exactly like Nigel Farage, except he drinks cider rather than beer.   This is the next contribution from a GrumbleSmiles character – Ciderman.

Ciderman has quite a lot to say – hicc – about European MPs.

First of all he thinks the German Euro MPs should stop drinking so much lager, because it makes them – hicc – too aggressive.  And we all know that we don’t want another war because then the Brits would have to come and sort it out again.

Secondly, Ciderman thinks – hicc – that the French and the Italians and even the Spanish should all drink a lot less wine because it makes them sleepy in the afternoons and they don’t get much work done.

Ciderman solution – hicc – is that Euro MPs should drink a lot more British cider.  That way they would have a lot more fun.   Hicc – and he also recommends that they should do a lot more leaning on fences instead of jumping in with both feet and dreaming up more and more regulations – hicc.

Ciderman says :-

“Cheers, here’s to a BREXIT exit”

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1 Response to LLLP Ciderman Manifesto

  1. LLLP EU elections.
    Oh dear Oh dear! Dear John as party leader of the LAST LAUGH LOONIE PARTY [LLLP], you have lined up the five candidates for the EU elections-
    I am personally very excited!!! and I note I have the chance to stand up and vote for???
    1/- a tidy up vote, to rid ourselves of all the undecided candidates and their party ‘BREXIT’ manifesto, policies.
    2/- A clean out of all the ‘Gobble de gooke’ from those EU Candidates who believe in ‘self preservation’?
    3/- A Vote against all those nice, polite and loving words that surround and encapsulate candidates when we are requested to vote for them. A complete ‘haze’ maybe alcoholic?
    4/- A vote for taking the medicine being dished out, like the men and women we are, not sexist, lost persons/souls?
    5/- A good old fashioned ‘Shaggy DOG’ story and a few promises of what may ensue after our EU LLLP vote.
    John five good candidates and all true!!! What more can I ask for???
    I am off to the local street corner park this Friday night to listen to the ‘SALLY ARMY’ and see they have any inspiration, as they pass the ammunition [Collection box] and praising the LORD!! and trumpet a victory song!
    May you God go with you as Dave Allan would have said.
    Good night, all!!!

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