£ 4.7 TRILLION !

That’s an eye-catching, mind-boggling number.  I read it in The Times just a few days ago, so it must be true.   It is the amount of wealth owned by older people in the UK.

£ 4, 700, ooo, ooo, ooo.

I can’t quite believe it.  It’s a heck of a lot of noughts.  So where is it all ?     I guess the Queen has a fair bit of it stashed away in the crown estates.  Then there are all the billionaires that Mr Corbyn keeps banging on about, although their’s is probably hidden away in tax havens around the world.  Then finally you come to  Mr and Mrs Average Older Person whose hard earned wealth has been accumulated over a lifetime of graft.

There are estimated to be 12 million pensioners in the UK, so what if we ring-fenced all this elderly wealth and shared it out equally between all of them ?
Thats £4.7 trillion divided by 12 million, which works out at about £ 4 million each 😀.

That doesn’t sound right, but hey ho, it better than the State Pension.

What would we do if we spent all that money on ourselves ????  It is a bit too much to keep under the mattress 🤡

My next few blogs will explore different ideas ……….

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4 Responses to £ 4.7 TRILLION !

  1. Here You are?? Hiding Your £trillions
    John what a chap you are, and I just wonder what you read in the ”NETTIE’? You have given me/us a task in tracking down this original article, I think I have it??
    ”IPPR commision on Economic Justice”- Policy Paper By Carys Roberts and Mathew Lawrence- Quite a read all though only scan read by me the summary of some 34 pages long document.
    I just wonder what you get up to John in Pursuit of equality for the elderly, or should I say a ‘fair deal for the elderly within the UK’???

  2. the correct document!! for reference=
    ‘Our Commonwealth: A Citizens’ Wealth Fund for the UK, By Carys Roberts & Mathew Lawrence.’
    By the IPPR-Commission On Economic Justice.

  3. Commonwealth.
    What a document to read? It has posed many a Conundrum to my mind?
    The inception of the overall body ‘The Progressive Policy Think Tank’ [IPPR], is evidently a body set up after the ##BRIT EX-Referendum by David Cameron’s Government, back in 2016?##
    What has transpired since in UK Politics in 2019, and the suggested position of the then partaking political maestro’s and there political views. What was being pushed on the ‘STUMP’ was a change of attitude by the UK Political Parties of what the UK would be in the case of acceptance of ‘BRITEX’, and then the other accusational view points that the UK depending upon the successful political party in the 2019 elections would either be to the ‘FAR-RIGHT/LEFT of political beliefs.
    With these extremes in mind, I wish now to reflect in ‘’HINDSIGHT’, and this above paper entitled =OUR Commonwealth: A Citizen’s Wealth Fund for the UK.=
    PERSONAL VIEWPOINT!!! BRITEX IS NOW A NEGOTIABLE FACT, How the UK [WE ] achieve our objectives is the responsibility of our politicians, and the elected political leaders. THE Paper Our Commonwealth, suggests a FUND set up by the Government, but independent of ‘Political day to day management/interference, and to provide future funds of investment for the future generations of the UK. One needs to read the document: However I draw from the research done to publish this paper the UK has to acknowledge that the ‘LABOUR’ in the UK amongst our working population, is not employed in the majority in the or indeed in large numbers in the manufacturing of Goods and artefacts: WE as a nation are employed in the majority in the service type/financial industries, as employees not entrepreneur’s or financiers. Our future entrepreneurs have to be educated and developed so that they may bring future ideas with wealth and investment to the UK, so that the UK can remain independent, but financially viable within this modern world. The strength of the workforce, with strong political view points, as promoted by the traditional Labour Party and its left of centre view points such as the UK in Wholesale ‘Nationalisation Policies’’ may not be the absolute solution??? By the same token the traditional Conservative Party View point of Total Financial Investment in Capitalism may not be the absolute solution also? The prospective of a ‘’Citizens’ Wealth FUND’’ maybe an acceptable solution, when one attempts to rationalise the loyalty of the TOKEN £ Sterling, and who controls the majority of the investment capital, and there again, when one looks at the ‘LABOUR Forces of the world {WORKERS], to whom do they have loyalty too? Apart from trying to survive with their families in this modern technological world of ours.
    AS the Politicians stated forcefully in the 2019UK election we may need as nation to review our political systems, and its beliefs and dogma.
    AS an oldie I can spout suggestions but the responsibility falls on or younger generations, and their actions and beliefs? I have been educated, employed, pensioned off, I have had to be as prudent as possible with my opportunities in all the above, and save where possible that ‘odd penny’ for that unseen event. I now rely upon the younger generation, by being or tying to be independent in my life style.
    Ps there is no panacea, just a consensus of common sense.

  4. AS one gently, makes a comment on current issues, about today’s political system, ”BODJ- BRITEX- NHS and social services-and the age profile of the UK and its aged population”: I found it revealing how life and the deeper questions of life today, one could look at past comments and reflect, ponder and ask ones self has lessons been changed????
    OPEN the TAG cloud to the right of this missive, and highlight ”DEMOGRAPHICS” we are again treading through a ‘quagmire” with no safe ground to be seen ahead.

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