Spring back to life.

It appears that Coronapop has got into WordPress, because somehow I have whole new new and different publishing system and no explanation of where it came from or how to use it.

This cartoon about sums up where I am right now with WordPress.

Where did these different font sizes come from?    One minute the fonts are big, next they are little, then without me touching anything they have gone back to normal.    Grrrr!

Coronapop has got into the algorithm gubbins,  I know it has !    Wordpress needs a vaccination against bugs.    Where do I stick the needle in my IPad.  I could happily do it ! 

All I need is to get back to my old publishing system. I understood that !


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5 Responses to Spring back to life.

  1. being blunt, not that! renegrade?? But truthful to life, I do not know about wordpress, however the microsoft, googles of this world I am finding in this Corvid=19 epidemic are constantly bombarding my web sites and associate programmes, with alleged updates which are supposed to contain improvements provide one accepts the programme, without management controls? Should I chose to read the all be it english instructions, the finger controls are very touch sensitive and the screen in front of my eyes goes on walk about, and returning to my original script makes me very wary as I find the presentation has changed to the new format and my mind cannot with the speed involved in the screen changes register any security, or integrity of service.
    For an oldie like me the modern software on the web, as provided by the googles and microsoft of this world, i do not trust, and am becoming aware of alledged possible scams. Who the hell are the scammers, they all appear to be clever little persons, with or without integrity

  2. Toms cartoon is of a grump pot? Very relevant to days events? One may ask what events? I must reply in the utmost tones of the LLLP!!! When considering on this wednesday the media .press and TV/News channels? Boris is going for an election, MR Starmer is making allegations of improper party funding, and ones money spent on house decorations and furnishings, and then we have greater worldly problems to solve, with our commonwealth countries and european neighbours. As a country we very in the forefront of developing anti corvid-19 inoculations, and the manufacture and distribution of the products: However the countries of origin of manufacture, not finance, are making allegations that the UK has acted irresponsible for its own ends, while not sharing the products of inoculations/ immunisation, and challenging the UK as a nation, with a hidden agenda of monetary compensation??
    While Boris is brushing aside how he has spent his personal monies, and dealing with electioneering problems the world of ”world politics” burns at the roots as we all have to come to terms on a global basis with CORVID-19. I feel as a thankful guinea pig, we have been saved but used as a proportionately elderly nation, and we need a leader at THE UN conference table, to establish world unity, and the POLITICS of The Kitchen Table, need less fresh air, unless the truth is spoken and understood.
    Vote for The LLLP. xxx The elderly Party, sometime racked with dementia, but there again have brighter moments of inspiration and what the ‘TRUTH’ can actually be?

  3. Voices that I Hear????
    As I awake in a morning, i hear that dawn;s chorus of Gods Birdies, singing and tweeting with a happy tune, and that sets me wondering! Which birds? This morning/today am I going to answer too??
    The psychologists may suggest a deep throated female voice, is the one that we all pay attention to
    as human beings, and all those dreams of conquest, some off of course of sexual intermacy-dream on mc duff at an age of over 70+. My day begins ringing ‘888’ and some gentleman says thank you, and adds I can replace the receiver, my carer in Extracare, Then I descend into the foyer for the daily ‘rag’ here ‘Alecia’ is waiting and with her dulcet tones offers me anything I may wish to here, music wise! Another few moments of home. I return newspaper in hand to my flat climbing the stairs, and ST Peter is giving me a shout! Kicking me up the BUM! adding that if i do not make it [puff puff puff] to my flat, he will welcome me at the golden, or is it the pearly gates: Huff and puff I have made it this time back to the flat! Thanking God, and saving a person of the church saying a eulogy of life. I then have duties of the day, more mundane and the hurly burly of voices young and old, some sharp some gentle and understanding helping me shop and part with hard earned monies for the service provided.
    Should it be a fair and fine day then Molly[my inner voice] and I go for a run out, and that voice on the ‘sat nav’ [again a young seductive female voice] guides us safely to and from our destination, either on the hills and moors: a cuckoo or 2 at this time of year; or the seaside and a paddle as the waves quietly wash over my feet, reminding me of my younger days at sea and those quiet summers sunsets, or that occasional tempest when everything is screwed to the deck, and the hatches are battened down. I at my age are all voices/sounds in my minds eye, some to relish, like that dusky maiden, or the anger of the gods, and the storms of life as they pass me by???

  4. maybe today ‘BODJ’ has a few dulcet tones of wisedom, for us all to assimilate?

  5. Alas have I misread the signs, and has the last note from the earlier post ”Milk and Less” been left flutttering in the wind???

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