What a ⚽️⚽️⚽️ up!

Time to wake up from hibernation now that Coronapop has just about infected the whole world.

How well our politicians did preventing it spreading. Masks, lockdowns, a new rule every day. Testing, tracing, isolating ….unless you are a politician off to a party. What a ⚽️⚽️⚽️ up!

Then there’s the parties. …… except they are not parties they are gatherings with drinks and cakes and quiz’s … and *gathering poppers”. After that come Questions in the House, then an enquiry, then a police investigation, then a few small fines. What another ⚽️⚽️⚽️ up!

And it all cost a few bob. A lot spent on masks that didn’t work; ventilators that weren’t used; Nightingale hospitals that were never used. Still, some lucky people did make loads-a-money out of masks and PPE. Oh and furlough did give lots of people a long paid holiday. In fact many civil servants are sill on holiday, although it is now referred to as “working from home”. What a load of ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ !

Thank goodness our politicians have not got any other crisies’ to deal with.

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5 Responses to What a ⚽️⚽️⚽️ up!

  1. Good to see we are all back talking a load of ”balls’ The season is right, there is the premier league cup final, the european cup final, the FA CUP, and then the ‘VASE” for all of the amateur players.
    Not forgetting the ladies, or is it that unwashed world of womens football european and world cup. Here the language has to be more modest, But the subject does get on ”one breast”? is that the terminology amongst all this manly slander and innuendo?
    One must be politically correct in thought word and deed?? hail the ” Palace of Westminster for freedom of speech”’ and all that ;;JAZZ;;;

  2. Dear All you excited readers of Smiles and Grumbles! The time is here for real excitement-The snow has allegedly y past, and we now can expect plenty of warmth and sunshine, with some intelligent TV and an interest in the forthcoming elections.
    3 Those brightly coloured pamphlets that convince one that one political party is more worthy of our vote, rather media contributions, as we all witness :
    1 That knock on the door and polite questionnaire-‘What can I do for you?
    2 That load of web and other web based emails personally sent, to convince one that one should take
    than the encumberant local politician.
    All to look forward too!
    Never mind ‘’spring’’, the recreation of life by the birds/bees/butterflies and those Easter Weddings to celebrate the end of ‘’LENT’’
    Even Robert Preston has gone on leave until after Easter, and then we or I can read all that political trash forthcoming after the as promised ‘Local Elections’’
    IT is all about, round objects and/or breast adornments??? Depending upon ones definition of sexuality, or middle of the road-Just ‘Queer’’ –Non sexual.

  3. Smilesgrumbles
    Just a passing thought or 2? The papers and the media do not have many happy stories today Tuesday 5Th April, at least for me in my late 70’s. I just wonder who or whom are the voting majority age group of the UK, and again what is the percentage age groups of the UK Population?
    I look for guidance towards my children and their families: My upbringing with open and honest christain beliefs appear to be trashed in my mind, as according to the media [Press and TV] we appear to be a nation of reactionaries and the reactions appear to result in evening daily news as protests.
    Where are the common ideals and beliefs of a multi racial/creed and consideration for all those who make up the population/society of the UK??? I am probably in dream land: however I still wish to have my ideals, and am interested as to what the TV Channel 4 will bring to the nation in forms of ideals when it is relinquish by the government and thrown open to the commercial world, as a fully independent TV Channel???

  4. IT Is GOOD FRIDAY 2022, and the leading media story is BORIS and the UK Immigration policy?
    It is not that Boris is wrong? but how does the UK as a nation solve this Problem? Parliament all sides needs and requires to be united with one voice???
    Are the EU trying touse the British Isles ,not a nation, but as a rubbish tip??? As citizens
    we have a voice and what is happening in eastern europe, we need allies not just neighbours who may use theses islands as a tip??
    The LLLP maybe quiet but it is awake, and it is that the Parliament as a whole that needs to speak and care, with a common tongue, not as the old red indian chief may have said ”NOT with a Forked tongue.????”
    BRITEX is or has been an event, but it requires tact and diplomacy to solve what riddles are left.

  5. IRagamuffinsLLLPReflections,
    WELL Here we are the beginning of the ‘New Business’ –Tax Year- What have we got to look forward too???
    AS a Ragamuffin of the Long Lost Loonie Party, I now reflect gently as Lockdown gradually becomes a memory-However not CORVID-19! This is still around to fill one with shock and horror!!!
    BODJ is still leading the nations, and MR ED Starmer is still stuttering in Westminster, and we are now discussing a third party the Liberal Democrats as the Reasons to vote in the forthcoming Local elections;- I ask you who now has the ‘Tallest Story Line’, and what does one have to consider, these May Elections [local] or next years’ general election? Or when; ever, it is going to be?? ? Or when ever; it is to be?? YEt we with the media TV and the press have to consider the ‘Events in the Ukraine, the immigration crisis facing the Nation, and the inbred ‘WOKE’ voices, stating we are a nation of WHITE SUPREMISTS!!!
    Where OH where is the soul of the Nation, and the peace in this world of ours? What have we all done?
    I leant history at school with our teacher MR Wright, and I was 11 years old the 11+ exam year, and the Coronation year of Queen Elizabeth the Second, and for history combined with geography we then followed the Royal Tour of the Commonwealth, learning the history of the nation and nations.
    This was in 1953, the teachers we had at school then in the west riding had strong memories of both World wars that their and our families had experienced either in the services or at home on the ‘Home Front’. What was explained to us was that we as a nation and Empire of Nations had fought alongside each other on a global basis, with our Allies for the rights to be ‘’Free ‘’ as an British Nation and each country of the EMPIRE!! With fortitude and the help of our allies we managed to achieve this reality.
    Then came the after talk, and the ideals of freedom, free speech, thoughts and deeds with a Christian belief. WE were as children asked to understand that the UK as a nation, and leader of an ‘Empire’ had no restrictions in providing –EDUCATION to all our friends/subjects of the Empire within the UK, to enable them as individuals to learn and return Home to their own nation and educate/inform how they may lead their nation to achieve the ideals of the UK [freedom, free speech, thoughts and deeds with a Christian belief, or the religious beliefs of their own nation.], and encourage and help the citizens of their nation achieve an improved standard of living.
    As I understood the discussion at 11 years of age, and now in my gentle years of old age-I question what have I missed? We have been part of the European Union, where free movement of persons has been permitted, with a form of understanding that the citizens moving around-Travelling-, are registered in their country of origin [Within the European Union], and as an island we have[ as a nation] or had rights at control of entry, by our boarders, for security and welfare rationale. What ‘WOKE’ or the discussion of WOKE has created in my mind is that! the old belief of respect and border controls for Commonwealth Citizens,[ EMPIRE}, to dwell and reside with the UK as a RIGHT, are questionable? Here we need to be extremely honest and truthful, and compassionate, we cannot take every Commonwealth Citizen, and give them the ability to just turn up to reside in the UK Nation without some form of control, regardless of ‘WOKE’ Race colour or creed?
    The population of the UK Nation today is multicultural, and I just wonder where have the ideals I was taught and encouraged to discuss at 11 years of age have gone??? Are for instance those persons of ‘WOKE’ colour/creed/race, not so enriched with the ideals of their heritage, that they see their nations of origin as HOME, and a place to feel safe within and improve the lots of their nation???
    Who am I? I am white of European origin, or am I Multicultural/creed / colour with the ‘WOKE’ vote? I am ask, myself or am I politely ‘NON RACIST’ or WOKE???- What is the history Of his Nation the UK, as a part of Europe.
    The education of our children is the solution, and please note the ‘WOKE’ voting public how do you answer me and parliament is ‘’HOW and who do we deal with immigration as a multicultural and Christian society’’, and yet live as one, on an island.
    Answers on a postcard please.
    s this one too far? I trust not!

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