“Memory Plays Tricks”

I have always thought I have a very good memory for things that are important to me, particularly in business and especially with figures, I can recall things from months and even years ago.  But this will be a surprise to anyone who knows me, because I am renowned for leaving things behind, and forgetting everyday things that I have agreed to do one minute and have completely forgotten the next.

At last I have an authorative diagnosis (excuse?) thanks to Scottish researchers carrying out studies into our ever busier lifestyles.  It appears that I might well have BLS – Busy Lifestyle Syndrome.  Oh dear! oh dear!  This could well be why I have been forgetting things for so many years.

This must be a serious piece of work because it is linked to drug companies who are hoping to bring out a new line of pills to combat memory loss.  What a coincidence?  Pilly Galore will be happy if she reads this (see Pilly Galore blog dated 19 December 2010).  Surely this can’t be an example of a drugs company inventing a disease, so that they can create a new money-spinning pill to cure it.

Then again maybe I haven’t got BLS after all.  A Finnish research study found that perfectly healthy people forget upto 30 things a day.  So that’s ok then.

It seems I am not alone – the lost property offices on London’s Rail Network reported 33,000 more items left behind in the years between 2005 and 2008.  Even I could not have left that many things on British Rail so there must be a lot of BLS sufferers, all dropping things on the circle line.

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4 Responses to “Memory Plays Tricks”

  1. vicar says:

    What a plonker, what and why am I commenting??

  2. David Evans , Cardiff says:

    This explains a lot. I think I have been forgetting things for years although I am not sure? I have lost several sets of car keys. Left umbrellas everywhere when it stops raining. Forgotten where I have left my car in carparks. Gone to shops to buy things and then when I get there I’ve forgotten what I went to buy. Lost my cup of tea, which is cold by the time I find it. Bought birthday cards which I have forgotten to send.
    Misplaced countless things – my watch, glasses, the soap, my diary, my glasses again, my new mobile phone, the newspaper, the radio times, my glasses again, garden tools,my pen, money in one of my pockets in on of my pairs of trousers – the list goes on.
    The good news is that most things turn up in the end, and I now have 2 diaries, 3 pairs of glasses and 8 pens.

  3. john graham says:

    This blog was written a few days ago and only posted on the site today – Tuesday,26 April. On this very day, I should have been at a meeting with three other people, one of whom travelled from London and one from Leicester. I forgot all about it which is inexcusable. More accurately I am so disorganised that I didn’t note down the date of the meeting in my diary. So the Vicar’s “What a plonker” comment is quite appropriate in my case.

    All I can do now is apologise and hope they will forgive me.

  4. Maureen O'Neill says:

    This article cheers up tremendously. I walk in the door, put down my key but Where? Good job I have a spare one. When I come in next time the key is looking at me!! I write down my password in a book but where is the book? Next day it smiles at me.I do s0metimes forget to take a parcel or even a bag and have to go back to the last place where I was sitting. I had begun to think that I had a personal imp who hides things but I am so glad to know I have BLS and although retired I am usually pretty busy. I don’t think I will look for a pill though!

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