Dream Chocolates

It has to be too good to be true – anti-wrinkle chocolates.

Just 3 a day smoothes wrinkles away!  Not only that, research on this new product also suggests it may lower blood pressure and improve memory.

This could be the most important discovery in this “century of ageing”.  Still, don’t start getting your hopes up too soon.  The health warning that comes with the research, is that it is closely linked to chocolate manufacturers.

You may save pounds on anti-wrinkle cream but you may also have to get on one of those pensioners exercise bikes to shed the pounds you put on.

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4 Responses to Dream Chocolates

  1. the potman says:

    Kraft took over cabury’s so presummeably the lotion of wrinkles in modern palance is Kraft Cream Cottage Cheese? What a thought, and what a pong? The bike well that is a thought too far today.

  2. Maureen O'Neill says:

    What rubbish. Everyone knows chocolates put weight on the eater. Three a day will increase weight, this will puff out the skin so hollows and lines will be filled out and the wrinkles will disappear!! Well this is my theory but that too may be rubbish!

  3. betty d. says:

    Just like when I was a kid, I still cannot resist chocolate . So I guess I will have to live with the wrinkles unless this miracle cure works.

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