“Kill or Cure”

It is hard to keep up with all the medical advice on the pills and potions you should or should not take these days.  My last two blogs have talked about just two such cases.  (Click on PILLS in the TAG CLOUD).

Now here is another example – the sunshine vitamin – Vitamin D.  Most of us get enough of this just by being out and about in the sun or even when it is cloudy.  I took an interest in this because it is a possible factor in the development of MS.  For a while I took a daily Vitamin D tablet as a supplement, especially during the winter.  Then I read some more research that suggested I was taking the wrong type of Vitamin D, so I gave up altogether.

More recent research from the University of Copenhagen, suggests that high levels of Vitamin D as well as low levels, can both increase the risk of death.  According to the researchers it is important to get the Nanomol levels of Vitamin D in your blood correct.  Unfortunately I don’t know what a Nanomol is, so I think I will stick to sunbathing and leave out the pills.

There again, the UK Health Supplement Information Service, which sounds like an independent, totally unbiased organisation 🙂 says other research contradicts this view and people with higher levels of Vitamin D had lower mortality rates.

It won’t be long before all older people need a PHD in medicine to understand the advice they are given about pills.

Confusing, isn’t it!

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2 Responses to “Kill or Cure”

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I like the old war time alittle gravy browning, spread around the body carefully with a pencil line for the nylon seam, and that memory or image of sex from the chanderlier, hitting the floor with outright passion!! Too hot to continue? Next install ment next week.

  2. 'arroder says:

    Although Pilly may be a “happy popper” of the pills that she is offered, surely she should take some responsibility for her own habits, overprescribing need not mean over consumption, and we have all taken an aspirin or an Alka-Seltzer the morning after the night before. We do not take ten tablets hoping for ten times quicker relief, but recognise that the medication should be appropriate to the problem.
    PS. As the Govt receives many times the amount of tax on tobacco products as it spends on “curing” smoking problems perhaps smoking should be encouraged as it is making a valued contribution to the economy

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