“Start Taking the Pills”

Only just having passed on advice about stopping taking one lot of pills, (see previous blog or click on PILLS in the TAG CLOUD), now 5 minutes later comes advice, not from me, but in the Lancet no less. 

EVERYONE OVER 50 should start taking Statins according to researchers.  These drugs reduce levels of cholesterol and therefore lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

At the moment Statins are only available on prescription and are generally used for those with a significant risk of a heart attack in the next 10 years.  Basically they are given to patients with high cholesterol after they have had a heart attack or a stroke.  It is called “the locking the stable door” approach to health prevention!

That said, over 8 million people in the UK already take Statins which must either mean a lot of us have high cholesterol, or they are good go-away tablets for GPs to use for reducing the queues of older people in their surgeries.  61 million prescriptions were issued for Statins in England last year! It might be a good idea if instead of peppermints on the tables of company board rooms, they put bowls of Statin tablets.  🙂

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