“78 Charities Open Reply”

This blog follows on from the previous post dated 12 June 2012.  Beneath is my open letter in reply to the charities :-

I understand the sentiments in your recent open letter to the Prime Minister, although I believe it is a message which is destined to fall on deaf ears in these austere times.  Now more than ever it is incumbent on the Voluntary Sector to independently find new ways forward in support of the elderly, which do not rely on Government funding.

Twenty Five years ago along with a group of other people, I founded the ExtraCare Charitable Trust.   Over time this organisation developed into building Retirement Villages and Housing Schemes for older people so they could live active independent lives, irrespective of health or wealth (half the apartments are for sale, half for rent).    As residents become frailer, support and/or nursing care is available to enable them to continue living in their own home.  I believe we helped develop a new model of housing and care which, although initially supported by Government funds, is now flourishing without significant State input.

I have recently retired and together with other retired founding directors of ExtraCare and a leading donor, we have set up a new Charity  –  The GrumbleSmiles Trust  –  with the intention of offering help and some financial support to Start-Up projects which similarly aim to offer innovative paths to new lives for older people.

I’m aware that your organisations are doing great things.  Is there a possibility that together we can introduce even more innovative ideas to better the future for older people?

If you think that The GrumbleSmiles Trust could help you develop a New Vision of Later Life for your particular client group, I would be interested in hearing any ideas which you think might be an example for others to follow.    Please write to me at The GrumbleSmiles Trust in the comments box below this blog.

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