“Stepping on a Retirement Ladder”

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  • Finding ladders is the first step to a Happier, Healthier Retirement.
  • Feeling safe about the ladder is the next.
  • Getting on the first rung is easy  —- but we don’t.
  • A coach would be nice to build confidence.
  • Seeing others go first helps.
  • Being encouraged along the way helps.
  • That’s why loneliness and isolation is a barrier to ladder stepping.
  • It is why we join clubs for mutual encouragement and support.
  • A social dimention that bonds confidence and restores values.
  • So don’t just look for ladders      —–      look for help.
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3 Responses to “Stepping on a Retirement Ladder”

  1. John this article brings to mind a coloured illustration from an old family bible of Jacob climbing the stairway to heaven, accompanied by the archangel Gabriel. Very spiritual.
    Your ladder is gentler, and extremely subtle, so I believe?
    Governments past and present have foreseen the 40’s baby boom reach its climax in population terms and as a demographic fact. Firstly there was the talk and implementation of the state old age pensionable age increasing to 70 (No sexual bias with respect to age), and now the right to work with no ageism or bias, at any age.
    What is or are the generation of the 30’s and early 40’s children experiencing, or have experienced is retirement at any age over 55 provided one has the means, and at 65 by statue, and 60 for ladies.
    Those of us who are fortunate to have retired at 60 or 65, and even luckier at 55, must reflect if any advantage has been offered or gained from retiring early (According to this modern terminology.)
    One progresses through life, single or married, with or without parents and children, and if one is lucky at an age over 55: What does one do? Does one liquidate ones assets, or buy a baronial manor house, or spend, spend, spend? Does one succumb to the state and live in expectation of the NHS and the Social budget for ones old age?
    It is a riddle and a difficult one to solve?
    On a modest income and a frugal outlook, and an eye to when one becomes dependent on the state and others for moral, well being and social support, one has at least had to consider your ‘LADDER’ John.
    When one downsizes, to control costs, and equally accepted that one is looking for social intercourse, as one may? Or has become dependent on others, then retirement villages, and complexes offer a possible way of living.
    As an observer and resident of an Extracare Charitable Trust Village, (one enters the complex with it variation in age 55+ groups of socially mixed housing, various levels of health and mobility and with the opportunity of independent living and domiciliary care should one require it.) one is slowly drawn into the philosophy of volunteering for the well being of the whole Extracare Village Community, and what benefits that brings, not only to the individual but the whole village complex, and concept.
    Your ‘LADDER’ John is a part of this philosophy, one becomes in particular and in general what one can do for one’s self, and fellow villager to benefit all. The lower age into the village of 55, and 60 and 65 based on rude health and not suffering ailments is essential in appreciating what those villagers of 75, 80 and 90’s can do for themselves as independent people. This does not mean people of this age group who suffer an ailment are not admitted: However a balance has to be met if the village is not to become a registered care home, or nursing home? As you may wish to promote Your ‘LADDER’ of life, in its most active format.
    People over 75 and well being and independent living can help, but I feel if they have experienced village ethos from 55, 60 or 65, they are more readily able to contribute physically and mentally to the more elderly villager’s needs and requirements, and general well being…
    One may say in one’s own district one can receive all the help one needs? This may be true? However with age comes understanding and forbearance, and in a retirement village there will all ways be a neighbour or friend to talk to or help, whatever the time of day? They do not have a clock to watch and the responsibility of a job of work to attend too.
    I think the Politicians and the government have missed a trick in dealing with an aging population, especially in the numbers who will retire soonest. The age maybe should have gone up to 65 for men and women: Not 70+ and not sexless. Your ‘LADDER’ becomes very important John.

    • john graham says:

      Thank you David, that is a good expansion of some of the steps we all need to consider, if we are wishing to keep climing up ladders rather than slipping down snakes.
      I will be writing a lot more around this subject in the coming months. I will be very interested in what you have to sat

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