“Stepping on a Retirement Snake”

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  • Stepping on a snake is easy.
  • It requires no courage.
  • Sometimes it is just happenstance.
  • Mainly, the snakes are the excuses in your mind,
  • That put off things until tomorrow,
  • And then the day after.
  • Until a molehill becomes a mountain.
  • Snakes are the gradual putting on of weight as comfort eating becomes a habit.
  • Accumulating things until the excess becomes clutter.
  • Putting off that phone call to a friend until it is too long ago to call.
  • There are thousands more excuses.
  • Each of our own making.
  • Snakes can become a habit.
  • Habits can be broken, not by grand gesture New Year resolutions.
  • By reversing the direction in small steps and then another and another.
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1 Response to “Stepping on a Retirement Snake”

  1. What a reptile? Are you a lounge lizard of the aged variety? Does one slither around chasing one’s tail? I wonder. Things that are broken can be best mended by honest to goodness living, a warm heart, and showing good will to our neighbours, and an occassional helping hand. No need to go overboard, not just yet. Show the body and the mind, and others around us that one still does care, about our mutual society, the surroundings in which we live and breath. My new years resolution to talk more, it bares the ‘soul’!

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