GrumbleSmiles CAFE Project – Introduction

GrumbleSmiles is a Charitable Trust whose primary aim is to develop new solutions to social isolation amongst older people. The objective of our new project is to establish a social network within Coventry that will enable members to connect and help each other to become involved in events and activities.

In conjunction with Coventry University’s Age Research Centre, GrumbleSmiles is seeking to find a number of older people in Coventry who would like to be involved in the development of this project. Our hope is that this will enable Coventry to become a more Age Friendly City.

We want the event to be a sociable occasion which gives the participants the opportunity to meet other older people. From this we hope to get a better understanding of older people’s experience of living in Coventry. The first meeting took place on Friday 24th May 2013 at the Welcome Centre adjacent to the Coventry University Technology Park.

Below are some photographs of the event and later posts will discuss the results of the first survey.

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6 Responses to GrumbleSmiles CAFE Project – Introduction

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Gottch!! But alas you are ‘willo the wisp’, where oh where is the knock knees the bulging biceps, the ginger rug, and the yellow swimwear. All I see are respectable ladies and gentlemen discussing affairs of state over non alcoholic beverages. Do not tell me you are the man, or a man in a suit, there are a few well dressed and with hair? I see a zimmer frame , but that belongs to a lady? I see plenty of pairs of specticles, and as far as age is concerned they all look hale and hearty ready to talk the hind legs off any donkey, and eat or chew and spit out any persons who suggests one should be passive in old age? By the way what is the Research programme you dug up at Coventry Uni ? Is there anything we your bloggers may learn? Other than to observe and stay quiet while you speak? I trust it was or at least you had a noisy reception, and you were well met, and cerably challenged?.

    • john graham says:

      You might have guessed I would be the one standing at the front talking. I left my zimmer frame at home just to confuse you 🙂
      Staying quiet has never been a strength of yours and indeed your comments and experience of living in a retirement village would be most welcome.

  2. Passing along the bus today I reread your blog items Neglect Shames Britain and Southern Cross. I trust in your conversations at Coventry these items, may have been mentioned! They are still relavant today, as the day you blogged the subjects. The shadow of Southern Cross I suspect is in the auditors and administarators reports. The government are no doubt embarressed as Tenents in these establishments have to be housed and cared for, and an economic reality in terms of cost has to be stuck. The original investors may have flown the nest taken their money and run. Fine, under past government regiemes like the Hospitals and NHS services in general, we the UK may have the capital investment? But the upkeep and running costs are now coming into being, so this or these costs were not taken into account, other than a sly look at the taxpayer? It is a shocking state of affairs, and someone in a responsible position has to shoulder the accusations, and take the flack!
    I know as an individual one has to pay, but a dream set too far, and like pie in the sky is irresponsible. Once retired all our incomes are resticted, and the means by which we can increase our income are also diminished.
    The next scandel hitting the retired is the annunity Insurance industry! Partners taking out single annunity cover not allowing for the spouse?? Another add on for the taxpayer.

  3. cinderella says:

    THE LAST EVENT WAS REALLY USEFUL, WE MET LOTS OF NEW PEOPLE. Instead of us deciding what older people need we thought it was better to ask them! This is a demo reply for a live session we are doing today.

  4. Hello cinders!! how is buttons, is he going to the ball, with a glass slipper? Like a good panto it is as you say what the audience make of it??? But like an ommelette you need a good egg to start things off? Not an old stick in the mud like me? You have the specs and the vision, us older folk have the faith, we can make a good chapel or church congregation, and we still for our advancing years have aspirations, and if one believes dreams can become areality without too much razamataz! Have a ball and do take care of Buttons, Please!

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