SCRAP Step 8 – Scrap Paper

After Christmas everyone ends up with lots and lots of wrapping paper.     If you were really an environmental champion, no doubt you would unwrap you presents carefully, then you could reuse the paper next Christmas.   Always providing you keep a note of who sent you what paper, so that you don’t send them back their own paper, otherwise they will know what a tight so and so you are.

Alternatively you can recycle  wrapping paper in the District Council’s red bin.    Not the green bin or the grey bin, nor the blue bin, that’s a cardinal sin bin.     But you must first remove all traces of sellotape and make sure there are no labels with string still attached, nor any ribbons or tinsel, definitely no tinsel.     Under no circumstances must there be be any glitter on the paper because apparently it gunges  up the Councils shredding machine and that could stop the massive effort the Council is making in 2017 to save the world.

Fortunatly, after my decluttering, I seem to have located rather a lot of scissors.   Strange that I could not find a single pair when I was wrapping up the presents !


That gave me a good idea from my time spent in Japan, perhaps I could do some Origami with the aid of all the scissors and scrap paper.  


There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins’ and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

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5 Responses to SCRAP Step 8 – Scrap Paper

  1. Bonhomie is taking me over with misty visions of the past. John’s origami, are impressive, Alas my thoughts while admiring the attributes of the older gent, i am reflecting back to school days in the junior school, and what was achieved then?
    John has found his miss placed scissors and lovingly created his origami figurines, well done and a delightful Japaneses art form. I go back to some decorations we completed as little horrors from coloured paper and scissors, and that school fish glue-paper chains: One does not see many of these today, or indeed the strips of aluminium tinsel that used to decorate most class rooms and the school Christmas Tree.
    Like Johns’ thought for today all recycled into a coloured bin, for that world of ours and to be recycled for the next shopping bonanza?? ( maybe Burns Night, or Valentines day), or a more respectful celebration of Easter and Holy Week.
    However that is to come, I am still in the haze of my many memories, and trying to remember who made a present of what to me at Christmas, dashing through the wrapping paper the presents came in with their individual greeting cards. I am ‘gone with the wind!’ an old F–t?

  2. Scrap paper, with memories on!! where too next, well my childhood family house, a 2 bedroom + box room semi on the outskirts of LEEDS. This time of year , being warmed by good feelings and love, and a roaring fire in the evening.
    This time of the year outside can be cold and unwelcoming, and if Scottish, a warmer occasion awaits at the ‘Burns’ Club, or if romantic, and the daff’s and crocus’s show then ‘Valentines DAy’ is for you and that warm feeling of love.
    However back to my childhood, and the family house, heating by open fires- no central heating, cooking by gas and lighting by electric; nothing strange here at all. How ever on certain days, when the cellar was empty (It was the coal-hole!!) and below the kitchen, the gas board would deliver at dads request a tonne of coke, to be stored in the cellar. The coke was delivered, out of the sacks and piled by the coal-hole steel hatch (about 18 inches square), on the hard standing.
    My job as the boy of the house was to shovel this coke through the coal-hole and into the waiting cellar. It took quite a time, and had to be completed by the time dusk arrived, so that the coke was safely stored. DAD was a commercial traveller, and would leave the house at breakfast and would often not be home until 7/8 at night.
    The purpose of the rant? just memories, an open fire, love, and how we all become part of life;rich pattern. I have no regrets.
    I went to sea, sailed on steamships?tankers all oil burners, I never had to shovel another tonne of coke, only on my days on leave, and then as now I did it with many happy memories.
    The gasworks (Henshaw) where the coke came from has come and gone, in the brickwork of the coking house was spelt ‘EXTERA LUCEM’ (by spacing the different coloured bricks and vent holes). I was informed ”Out of the earth comes light”

  3. Today, i reclined in my arm chair, vegetated, and video watched the last of 3 the Christmas Lectures, on BBC by the Royal Institute. I have been thoroughly enthralled in its 80TH. season lectures on ”Energy” and our modern world. I am intrigued by the future of hydrogen fuel cells and electric vehicles, and then how research, will progressed.
    One cannot be too emotional, or in a reflective in mood? One has to be ruthless and like John de-clutter with ”Gusto”, at New Year when we all make good intentions_Whether we carry them out is another question.

    • john graham says:

      Memories, such as the ones in your last three comments, are certainly not clutter. Like my origami, they are treasures from the past.

      Surprising what can come from a piece of SCRAP paper.

      Thanks David.

  4. Well it has past Hogmenay, and now down to the de-cluttering. Photo’s lots of individual ones, and family groups, all in single frames?? How’s that! Now a visit to the ‘NExT Store’ and the ability to buy and peruse large wall mounted multi photo frames. Having decided on the complete size required, it was a work of art with molly to select which groups of photos’ one would put together, and then commit the existing single photo frames to the waste bin, and hang the larger photo frames up with in our home.

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