SCRAP Step 7 – Taking Stock

I have been de-cluttering my office for quite a few weeks now – an hour at a time and an item at a time.

I can barely see any impact and there are zillions of more items in the office.    Then I have to move on to the study, —- the bedroom, —–cupboards and drawers all over the house, ——–   the kitchen drawer again ——–and when it’s warmer, my garden sheds once more.

I am beginning to flag!

I can see why Walt Hopkins and his co-conspirator George Simons ended up writing a book with such strong chapter imaginary – Chucket —— Shucket ——- Ducket —— etc.

I think I have reached the fourth chapter stage which begins with an F.

I won’t let it beat me but I need a bolder approach.    A small controlled explosion would certainly be quicker, but rather indiscriminate in it’s outcome.    A flood might do the job, but could be a bit messy.   A fire would be far too risky in a house full of timber beams.

I just need to check our home insurance policy is up to date first 🙂

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins’ and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.


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9 Responses to SCRAP Step 7 – Taking Stock

  1. Onward, John! Wishing you a pleasurable and tidy 2017!

    • john graham says:

      Thanks George. Have a great 2017.

      I had a garden incinerator as a Christmas present and last night I had a big burn up of de-cluttered paperwork. It made all the effort last month worthwhile.

      I will be working on it with New Year enthusiasm 😄

      • are you sure? was it not a smokers pipe? and a or that blend of tobacco that one had forgotten the aroma off, and dreamt of maidens and southsea island paradises. Old sosks make a good burning subject, and brings one back to earth with a jolt; as does old memories at the stoke of midnight at every new year. Be careful what you may wish for OH! wise one, I still wish to inhabit your cyber spaces with the occasional rantings and good company-A very happy new year to you and yours.

  2. Mo Graham says:

    Your book has a lot to answer for Mr Hopkins and Mr Simons (may I call you Walt and George?). I’m getting very worried about the frenzy in which my husband John is indulging in his de-cluttering Mission around our home. I dread to think what he is throwing out in his enthusiasm to clear all drawers and surfaces. And I’m getting very nervous at the way he keeps eyeing up all the cupboards/wardrobes in my dressing room, not to mention the questions he keeps asking about how often I use the various labour saving devices I have around my kitchen…..

    …..could you please confirm that when de-cluttering you are only allowed to throw out your own debris and that you do not have carte blanch to strip the house bare of everyone else’s little treasures?!?

    I may yet live to regret buying him that garden incinerator for Christmas😏

    • Dear Mo, please have no fear. Men can recognize only 1 out of 12 items in a woman’s toiletry collection. However, we would recommend a short effort on your part to organize and reduce clutter (trashing next to empty cosmetic bottles, etc. and by hiding the ones you hardly ever use). This will give John a sense of collaboration as well as a hands-off signal that you have taken charge of your own clutter. New Years is also an incentive to clear and take charge of you miscellany. Also, as David notes, the seven steps are not necessarily done in precise order, though the first ones certainly make the later ones easier to enjoy! Happy New Year all!

      • Mo Graham says:

        Thanks for the advice George. Very soon now I WILL sort out the multitude of unused, half used and nearly empty bottles/tubes of cosmetics in, on and around my dressing table. (Most of them are probably a health hazard by now anyway!). Just need some time to psych myself in to letting go😉

    • Hi Mo,

      You may certainly call us Walt and George; may we call you Mo? 🙂

      I’m delighted to hear that our book has inspired John on his de-cluttering. His continuing posts are regular reminders to carry on with my own Shucket and Chucket Lists!

      I can vividly imagine my wife’s reaction if I suggested de-cluttering some of her spaces. She would kindly take me by the arm, guide me to my study–and point.

      So that would be my suggestion: simply encourage John to finish his own de-cluttering first. He seems to have a similar ability to mine (the ability to build up clutter in one area even while removing it in another) so that should keep him occupied for a decade or so….

      It’s kept me occupied for more than seven decades already. 🙂

      Happy New Year!

  3. Where Oh where is that iron resolve, and that list(s) of New Years resolutions, are or is your tenacity fading? I hope not!
    You have to get back into that shed/house/wardrobe/bookcase/suitcases and dream a little, then with a cuppa and a kiss from someone you love decide what to do next. You may have read the first 3 chapters of the BOOK and reached the F____List, but nay young man for ward into battle@ The chucket list is easy, the sucket list is when your conscious plays tricks, and the ducket is when your loved one distracts you from your purpose, and one is rudely awaken to life, and what it means? Back the the f——- it list, why are you so concerned and worried? I think you are wonderful, and have rabbits teeth to keeping eating up all that paper! spectacles with beer glass bottoms such that one sight is a strange as the next one ( so no change here?), and then the mind of a depository for all that useless information.
    Dear John it is coming around to ‘spring’ time your thoughts should now be on the second part of the Walt and Georges book, one can reflect with fondness in life on what you may have achieved as a personal milestone, besides reaching 3 score and 10 years; Time to reflect take a break young man with people you love to a caravan holiday by the seaside (Cornwall of East Anglia or a walk in the TRossachs, or Lake district). If you are a real snake in the grass how about a bit of sunshine in the Southern hemisphere to the antipodes or Cape town, or then a bit of rum bum and bacci in the Caribbean. The world is your oyster, an aphrodisiac waiting to be enjoyed, or maybe you wish to freeze your ‘NUTS OFF’ in the ice hotel in lapland and dream you are that father christmas??? Get real come to life, use the ‘F’ word of phrase and send us all to Coventry to cry in our gravy, while you enjoy life to the full!!!

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