SCRAP Step 14 – Light Bulbs

Light bulbs used to be simpler in the olden days !     When I was a child, to me, there appeared to be one type of light fitting and one type of bulb to go in it.      Life looks simple to a child 💡

In my growing up years I discovered they had something called tungsten filaments and could be clear or opaque.    To make matters more complicated they had watts, although most were either 60 or 100 watts.     Oh and finally —— they could be pushed in with a twist or screwed in.    That was it.

Then I became an architect and learned there was an illumination of light bulbs out there.   Flourescent ones first, not much used in the house, but there were also, up lighters and down lighters —— and recessed lighters —– and wall lights —-and spot lights.

More recently when we discovered all these  lights meant we were running out of energy, there came along a new breed of ‘low energy bulbs’.    Watts were bad, saving the world was good!    They just cost more to start with but would save a fortune eventually.

What has all this got to do with clutter, I hear you ask?     Well our house has lots of light fittings and the bulbs for just about each one are different.     That explains why we have cupboards and drawers with light bulbs in all over the house.    It is also why, when a light bulb blows, it sets off a search around the house in the dark which can take days.


We have attempted to get organised by having one cupboard for light bulbs next to the fuse board in the hall.   Low down, behind a chair, with a sticking sliding door, with one broken handle.   It’s very convenient, especially in the dark.

When you finally open the door bags full of light bulbs fall out.  Which is generally not good for light bulbs !     At the latest count there were 56 bulbs all ready to light up our world and half of  Blackpool as well.   Of course we also have bulbs for light fittings that were replaced years ago.     And for fittings we never had that were bought in mistake 😟

Now you know why light bulbs are clutter.

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6 Responses to SCRAP Step 14 – Light Bulbs

  1. Mo Graham says:

    Mea culpa I’m afraid. I’m the one who keeps buying the wrong sort of bulbs when on my weekly shop at Sainsburys. And yes, I do keep getting the wrong ones. But if John as an Architect gets confused with all the different bulbs and fittings we have, what hope for me – a mere girl – to get it right? Perhaps our local charity shop will take them off our hands. After all, they’re all still in their boxes and have never been used…

    (I’ve got it sussed now though folks. Last week I took a blown bulb with me in my shopping bag and asked a chap on the electrical counter to show me where the replacement bulbs of this type were. When he showed me and assured me that they were exactly the right ones I then bought four packs with three in per pack. Now we’ve lots of replacement bulbs for the ones in the inglenook fireplace. We just need room in the hall cupboard to store them🙄)

    • davidwfreeman237 says:

      Obiviously a ‘BOGOFFER, Good on yer, you have to do the shopping, John must be a bit more careful of his words, or ones he choses to enlighten is Bloggers to this site, He is gentle to us but dowes he growl? at home? That is the question.

      • Mo Graham says:

        You’re right David – it WAS a special offer, that’s why I bought four packs😊 (And no, John doesn’t growl at me. He wouldn’t dare!)

  2. Good God Sir? we had 20 watt builds as night lights in the hall landings as kids, so that any time during the night, we could guide our selves to the toilet, and we had a friend, not a ‘boggieman’ during the night if we woke up. Then as a good boy scout camping how about the hurricane lamps fired not with passion, but by paraffin, and that pumping action. There again living in the late 40,s as a yongerster after the war, we had oil lamps, and with it came spare wicks and glass funnels;we still have an oil lamp for that ‘maybe be-Blackout’?, and a couple of candles, so our cupboard has, some odd bits- But that event is covered? But then we need a hand torch, and spare batteries; besides those batteries for hearing aids and other modern fangled gizzmo’s? We all have our clutter.
    But then as a miastro and a priema donna from the architectural world, you Sir are the Man to BLAME, all these different types of light fittings, Tunsten, carbon, filament, screw, push and twist, neon tubes, LSD lighting, energy saving and that jazzy shop stuff in electronic hyroclphics? as an architect you were able to dream for others! Now in your nest you may sir as a ‘Gent’ I respectfully suggest reap the benifits of your wildest dreams, as a young blood ‘architect’ trying too be noticed. Your cupboards, are full of memories? and now so late in life as you say you have as your loved one put had a ‘LIGHTBULB MOMMENT’??? Welcome to reality.

  3. Dream on Mac Duff, Remember the weekly clutter from Child hood? Do you still have the annuals?
    Here I am thinking of 5-8 The ‘Dandy and Beano’ and then when 8-10 the ‘Topper’ and from 10 to my teens with the ‘Eagle’ and its cutaway technical drawings? The HMS ArkRoyal comes to mind, among many others. Later It was the ‘Scout magazine 1x Month:. Having younger sisters 3 in all, then there was ‘Shool Friends’ and the ‘Girl’. Dad and mUm paid many a penny or 2 for the weekly comics to keep us all interested in literature and the worlds about us. Now just fading memories but good ones, A Light Bulb Moment.
    My favourite book from a school class when I was 8years old and read page by page, day by day, by the then teacher was ‘Wind In The Willows, I still can see and imagine Toad and Ratty being repremanded by that old sage ‘Badger’! Time to sleep, night night!

  4. Bulbs
    As Mo may have, or has said; ‘’PING’’ a light bulb moment.
    Dear John, ‘’ DECLUTTER’’ what is it? Is it all in the mind of the beholder?
    During my lifetime: The end of WWII, Everest was conquered, the computer was designed, space was invaded (landings on the moon), unmanned space to Jupiter, radio telescope (Jodrell Bank), geranium crystals, and semi-conductors ;LED Lighting, thermal fuse boxes, and then things such as a ‘KINDLE’ electronic book, and memory sticks???
    All this for what! And what is ‘de-cluttering’ what is de-cluttering the cupboards full of junk? No just pleasant memories some happy some sorrowful. I must now thing on my feet, everything is now to do with daily life is somehow connected to a computer, or electric power of sorts (mains or batteries- Large or small). Everything can now be committed (men in white coats- Lunie Bin?) to a memory stick or some other small item that can be stored in a jar or lost in one’s many a trouser pocket! The problem will be, not like a book with a title and a dust cover, but a colour, or with an attached tab again of a colour? The point is we all have to commit to memory a colour and a time-of sorts as to the relevance of what the memory stick contains? Can we enjoy the de-cluttering with such ‘Gusto’, all that past life tumbling to the floor, in a tangled mess?
    While I am in this forgiving mood on de-cluttering I must reflect and be a ‘Calvinist’ or bible basher. We all as children in the West Riding received as a gift from the Education Authority a personalised (By Enclosed label) King James Bible –New and Old Testament, with the year and the school attended. Now with a ’Kindle’ or a laptop computer, one picks up the written word, and drifts slowly into lands and dreams afar, as is ones desire; however I still prefer that personal feel of a book, dust cover, and the turn over corner of a page-I am a heathen and untidy.
    As I said it is all now on a memory peg/Stick and one has to choose a colour, no longer can one go to the ‘British’, Bodleian or Local Library, or peruse a shelf or two in one’s personal bookcase to find a tome of information/education or enjoyment. One can commit all this to a computer hard drive? But then in the future what is a memory? At least with a jar full of memory sticks one can shuffle through the colours of a rainbow, and try and remember the relevance of the time frame.
    I suppose come the day when we can have the thought police, and our own brainwaves, dashing through the ether will be picked up by some dastardly designed ‘gizmo’ and we will be able to by talk, sight, be able to retrieve our most inner thoughts on a memory stick/or computer as we understand them today, and verbally or visually relay the information we are seeking?? A thought too far??
    Never mind there is till the garden and the land to eat and survive, and nature that requires time, and in all our own haste we still need that 5 minutes think of home before we can enjoy a harvest time and reap what we have sown. It is all life, and de-cluttering it is all in the mind of the beholder, and if one is not careful the ‘men in white coats’, if we succumb before dementia and Alzheimer’s!

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