SCRAP Step 13 – Taking Stock

I have now been decluttering for TWO MONTHS and what have I achieved ?

  • a slightly tidier office, but it still looks cluttered ☹️
  • a lot of  empty box files — an awful lot 😩
  • Half finished clutter in the study ☹️
  • A shed full of black bags full of rubbish 😩
  • A few less books 😔
  • A little less whiskey 😋

But it’s a slog, no doubt about it!          Is it worth it ?         Does it spark joy?

Answer NO.    I’m almost beginning to like clutter —- well almost but not really.

Let’s look at the positives  :-

  • I have a bookfull of blog posts out of it 😀
  • My office desk is clear —- well half clear 🙃
  • I have emptied a lot of box files mostly into the bin for recycling, so I may preserve a rain forest or two 😇
  • I have got shot of a heck of a lot of age-old confidential paper work, by burning it in my new incinerator.   I hate paperwork, but I do love bonfires and now I am one or two steps closer to a paperless office 😁
  • I have some unread books to read that I had forgotten about 😋
  • A lot of long forgotten photographs of family and friends 😀😀😀
  • I like burning papers in my new incinerator —- especially BANK PAPERS  — it feels like I am getting my own bank for all that junk mail —-  and for rock bottom interest rates 😀😀😀😀

So now I have got that off my chest.    I need another bigger effort at decluttering.   I have got to give away, throw away or tidy away much more ruthlessly, if I am going to create more space in my life.     I will post two blogs a week on decluttering from now on until I have finished.

I will bloody well get there if it kills me !     And   ………

                          BONFIRES   SPARK   JOY    😀😀😀😀😀

Any ideas of what to do with spare box files ?

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3 Responses to SCRAP Step 13 – Taking Stock

  1. Is there a school, university, library, museum, in the neighborhood which might be able to use the box files? as to family photos, when I. did my big cleanup I digitized them all For myself, and then mailed them to the family members or friends who I felt were most connected to them and might appreciate them.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    BOX Files–Remember ‘LEGGO’ bind the boxes together as an engineering design: strong to resist weight? yet light enough to carry around, then pafter ‘Breakers’ at the Front gate place the boxes-‘Your Stump’ on the ground, climb upon this pedistal, and deliver the speech of a lifetime, to the passing audience on ‘Decluttering’.
    If you believe you need a wider audience that may goad one or even listen then proceed with or without your ‘stump’ to (Weekdays) Tower Hill London their speakers corner and join the bible bashers and the know it all up and coming politicians , or if you wish to be heard as that fabulous speaker, why not on a ‘Sunday’ instead of going to church join the set at Speakers corner-with your ‘stump’ in Hyde Park London, and annouce to the world ‘Your sins’ and the new found ‘Rightous way To Live Life’
    It is all up to you Kid?? Go forth said Moses and Multiply, or was that Jacob?:, What ever it is in the ‘Old Testement’ to be read and enjoyed, and from time to time commented upon, you ‘OLD CODDGER’???
    The ‘Lord’ Preserve us if you ever are heard on Radio??

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