Last Laugh Looney Party Fourth Half Manifesto.

This is the last segment of our 2017 LLLP MANIFESTO.   ( You can see the earlier ideas by clicking on ” LLLP ” in the TagCloud )

If we are elected we expect to transform the lifestyle of older people for the better and make sure they are valued and respected in society.

We will make their lives EASIER :-

  • By relocating them to age-friendly communities in Island Resorts;
  • By providing them with new purpose-built housing for rent;
  • By releasing their financial resources to fund care and support as they need it;

and SAFER :-

  • GP’s will do most consultations by home visits.
  • Hospitals will see you straight away, there will be no waiting lists.
  • Operations other than day surgery, will be done in brand new LLLP Indian facilities and older patients can take three weeks to recuperate in luxury patient hotels before their free flight home;

and FASTER :-

  • By providing them with traffic free green routes reserved for mobility scooters and a free taxi service for more distant travel;
  • By ensuring all newspapers and other printed documents are simple and easy to read;

And FUN :-

  • On the LLLP RESORT Islands every day will be a Bank Holiday;
  • Temperatures will be warmer because they will be in Fahrenheit ;
  • Everything will be tax-free, there will be no VAT.  And instead of Pound shops, we will have Shilling and Penny Shops, so things will be much cheaper ;
  • There will be good news storeys every day.

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2 Responses to Last Laugh Looney Party Fourth Half Manifesto.

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    It is good to see, that we can look at ourselves, and dream, and kick reality in the teeth! John has a knack of questioning, very subtlety what is wrong with old age and growing old in the UK?
    We may be old but we are certainly not loonies, and we still have the vote, and our mind and thoughts to question, any rational or irrational decision/ideas that may be made on the behalf of us oldies.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    With respect to the Daily Mail-page 54-Femail

    Subject ‘’ The Cruel price of forcing loving couples apart, when they go into Care Homes’’

    By Rebecca Hardy.

    Perceived Problem- The story is based upon an elderly couple, who are alleged in their 80’s, and through no fault of their own making were required to receive hospital treatment at differing times, causing a husband and wife to be physically separated, initially from each other {between their family home, and hospital}, and after hospital treatment, the couple were again separated by nursing after care, in a nursing home, by alleged regulation/rule requirements. The ending of this story was that both parties died remote from each other, aggrieved by the onset of dementia. The Younger family being angry at the lack of opportunities within the healthcare industry ‘Care Homes’ within England.

    The reporters highlight that this is a problem of today, and may be tomorrow, with heartache for future family groups, because of the alleged drop in government funding for care homes- which has dropped by 20% in the last nine years.

    The whole report, while it is emotive, yet allegedly factual.

    Solution- As a society I am unsure as to how one solves this problem in every situation, with some form of compassionate care? If the older population have not actively made decisions and to some extent provision for later life.

    Extracare Charitable Trust The future corporate plan 2017-2020, and my personal initial take on becoming a resident in 2007. My thoughts and those of Molly my wife were that;

    1/ Extracare offered a home for life

    2/ an active lifestyle was/ is actively promoted

    3/ Domiciliary care/ support is available (originally to Nursing level 5)

    This made our joint decision easier to make) for our own future, in both the case of bereavement, of one of us, and care/support for either, or both of us when and if we become frail in life. The well-being nurse and locksmith support has helped us understand how we can face our joint and individual lifestyles in the foreseeable future, in this Extracare Retirement Village –Lovat Fields.

    This is but one provider for living in retirement, the ‘ethos’ would be more helpful, if or should I say the government of the day recognised good practices, when they are in evidence, for all too see.
    I trust besides the issues of ‘BRITEX’, some of the more pressing issues, such as the NHS and social welfare budget are looked at and considered, in a more compassionate manner, for all, and not just a sticky patch over a fleeting newspaper headline.

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