Last Laugh Looney Party Coalition – Island Negotiations

The centrepiece of the Last Laugh Looney Party Manifesto was to enable older people to move to a self-governing, tax-free haven in the islands on the coast of the UK.  In return older people would sell their houses in the UK and forego all their rights to free health care and tax free benefits like bus passes and winter fuel allowance.

Negotiations with the chastened Conservative Party are going well. They are keen to form an alliance with the LLLP, since no other party seems to like them very much.    The idea of getting rid of lots of troublesome old people seems to appeal to Theresa May.    Especially after so many of them didn’t  vote for her, because she threatened to take away their houses in her proposed “dementia tax”.

The new Conservative/LLLP Government would agree to purchase all Older People’s houses at inflated prices to compensate them for giving up their pensions to hasten their move offshore.    The Queen had to be consulted  but readily consented once  she was told she would still be Queen of the off-shore islands and could keep Osbourne House on the Isle of White.

This would all be done during the two year Brexit negotiation period during which time the LLLP would support the Government and all older people would agree to vote for the final outcome.  All with the ultimate condition that they then become free to establish:-



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1 Response to Last Laugh Looney Party Coalition – Island Negotiations

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Four read! It has all been a ‘PUFF OF Fresh Air’, now what the hell do we do? Can we all live in the balwick’s of the Channel Islands, or in the light house on the ‘CALF Of Man’ singing together I am the king of the castle and You are the dirty Rascal! Will that political animal as presented on BBC World Service TV send a usefu navall cutter [i.e. a lifeboat of sorts?] to the ‘Calf Of Man to declare we are all pirates and Non believers of the political classes.

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