Last Laugh Looney Coalition with the Scottish Nationalist Party

As expected, Scotland continued to vote differently to the rest of the UK and although the Conservatives gained a few seats, the SNP still retained a significant majority in Scotland. However, the Last Laugh Looney Party did manage to capture over 1 million votes, given that there was little support for either the Labour Party or the Conservative Party in Scotland.

The kilt wearing, whisky drinking, older population in Scotland, were nothing like as keen on remaining in the European Union as the younger Scots.      In the main the older population had no great affinity with the European Union, but they weren’t too keen on a Conservative Government in Westminster either.      That’s why so many of them voted for the LLLP.

The rump of the SNP, having failed to negotiate anything in Westminster, were open to negotiations with the LLLP and therefore agreed to pass over all the Scottish islands to the LLLP in exchange for their support for independence from the rest of the UK.

(Sadly post Brexit, the European Union, decided that they didn’t want to accept Scotland if they didn’t have the whisky or the Scottish islands).


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1 Response to Last Laugh Looney Coalition with the Scottish Nationalist Party

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    where oh where are we? in the middle of an ocean of opinions, and or in a desert of arid dreams and no visions other than the occasional mirage, or Gypo selling one a ticket to visit the ‘Spinks’ and visualise that Inscrutable smile.
    Keeping going macduff, and do toss that occasional Caber, it may bring someone too their senses.?????

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