Last Laugh Looney Party Gibraltar Negotiations

As the Brexit negotiations proceeded, the Conservative Party found that the future of Gibraltar became a significant stumbling block negotiations to exit the EU.   To avoid this, they agreed to transfer sovereignty of Gibraltar to the Last Laugh Looney Party Island Republic.

The LLLP saw Gibraltar as a big piece of rock full of belligerent monkeys in the middle of nowhere in particular.    They therefore agreed to pass on the Rock of Gibraltar to Spain in exchange for the Canary Islands.    Tenerife and Lanzarote are particularly popular amongst older people in the UK, many of whom have timeshare apartments there.    So they seemed like a good addition to the Island Republic.



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4 Responses to Last Laugh Looney Party Gibraltar Negotiations

  1. Alas dear ‘Yourath’ you have disturbed King Neptune, and the British Trade to the world? Never mind the naturist beaches and the undressing of ones body too worship the Sun.
    As a younger man in the merchant Marine trading under the ‘RED DUSTER” one was an Island and too survive we needed as a nation to trade world wide, selling and buying commodities, and making and converting raw materials into finished products. All these treasure transported world wide in british [Island] shipping, insured in the City of London on the Lloyds of London and internationally traded on the Baltic Exchange.
    Our Island of the Looney Party we need to be insular , secure and outward looking.
    Back to Gibraltar, Hell’s gate At the foot of the Red sea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Cape Town, Mauritius were all points on the british wordwide shipping signalling points, including our Scandinavian allies in the ‘Kategate and Scatagate [spelling] in the Baltic, where Lloyd’s Register of Shipping has/had signalling stations, and intelligence of ”which, who’s ships goes or going where and when, and what cargoes? Nosey but essential information which used to be published daily in the Paper Lloyd’s List, It kept an empire going fed and watered.
    So while we are the Last Laugh Looney Party, we are worldly wise, but I hope being insular outward looking and in the ‘BUFF’ on our island retreat still compus mentus as to what makes the world tick?
    Do we as European citizens take over the Iberian Peninsular, the Balearic Islands, and the Canaries and Madeira, can we in old age and a last look at life have a kingdom with a ‘Sun God’?? I ask you, are you prepared to Vote for the LLLP?? Or are we beached whales-stranded?

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Alas dear ‘Yorath’ you have disturb my sleep, and invited the anger of King Neptune?
    We may be a bunch of rock apes, eating bananas. And telling our ‘European Cousins where to get off!
    But wait I see a ship not ‘hardships, but a ship, maybe of the line? A dirty British coaster, or a passenger liner, or a smart cargo ship or tanker of some prestigious British shipping company. The shipping companies names bring back my merchant marine days, and the city of London. Here one if one wished to trade went to one of the ‘markets’ and then having bought the goods one had to transport them-Of now to the Batlic Exchange Market and purchase cargos space on or within a ship, then one had to if one was the owner of the ship or the cargo to be carried insure it against loss at sea, then of to Lloyd’s of London and pay the appropriate insurance premium, trusting that your cargoes or ships never became a case celebre where the ‘Lutine belle was rung [To signify a loss]. Then when your precious or homely cargo was on the high seas to be brought home or sold in a foreign port, one may have purchased Lloyds list of London daily paper, which gathered and published the relevant information, of who the ship was owned by {Lloyds register of shipping- what structural condition the ship was in and what class of cargo she could carry-i.e. A Classed ship]. The icing on the cake was where the last known position of the ship was ?? Here I come to what were termed listening stations around the world, and ports around the world- they would ask what ship-where bound, what cargo. AS a trading nation we the British had developed ships of the line [white ensign- and support ships under the Blue ensign,] ships of trade all sailing under the ‘red ensign-red duster (here one had whalers, fishing vessels, cargo ships of various types, tanker, and many a cruise ship or passenger ship-ferries etc?).

    The listening station were all strategical place around the world, and at the major pinch points of passage, and were run or reported to connected to Lloyds of London, and to the benefit of the London commercial and financial markets. Here if one was a seafarer one was aware of {Ushant-Finistere-Gibraltar-The Suez Canal (port said and Suez),-Hell’s gate at the bottom of the Red sea, the the straights of Harmousse, at the entrance to the Arabian/Persian Gulf, Colombo (Sri Lanka-Ceylon), Singapore, and Hongkong. Then I one went around the Cape-Cape Town and Mauritius.
    If one went around Cape Horn then some port in the ‘Straights of Magellan or the island of Turroe delfe diargo.[spelling-please excuse- the land of fire as defined by drake]
    What has this to do one may ask with the Last Laugh Raving Looney Party and its island community in the Canaries, Madeira, Balearic Islands, and the Iberian Peninsular? Well nothing if one is content to bathe in the ‘BUFF’ display ones bits and pieces, and get a tan all over, BUT spare a thought from where and how ones pension comes from? We need a strong LLLP Island economy, we have all got bus passes, free meals, and free NHS, and what else do we want- Well not the politicians of the moment, but a lot of common sense and guidance to gives us all those things we broke our backs into during our working lives to live the Hopeful life oF ‘’RILEY’.
    By the way do we need a ‘Lamb of god’’ to spirit our way and give us sermons on life? Do we???? Who is your guardian saviour or ‘angel??’

    • davidwfreeman237 says:

      if your looking for hell’s gate in the bottom of the Red Sea, it was an island: Perim Island, had a lighthouse, run by I believe Trinty House, and was part of the ADEN Protectorate.

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Dear oh dear! in a more sober moment, I reread your your joyous Last Laugh Looney Party memorandum and I see we are now a ‘REPUBLIC’? do we have statutes and articles of belief like the”’ Good OLD US of A?”’ If so what is the first One?
    Do we need faith or a god of sorts, or are we a bunch of heathens who eat and devour their young, and then put flowers in our hair, hit each other over the head, and condemn one of us to the ‘cooking pot’ [cannibalism], for a celebratory feast, and then smoke ‘POT? and declare Peace unto the World?
    I think I may need a escort of six strong men in white coats, taking me to this ‘Island Retreat’ for rest and recuperation.
    By the way in all this melle where is my ‘Minister’?? Prime or other?, or of the Faith’ and his/her or my ‘GOD’? Please do pray for me? I am lost in this world of todays UK Politic’s and Politicing.

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